Before the establishment in the region of very important companies, the demand for executive profiles in specific sectors has increased.


To satisfy these industry requirements, since 2016 the German company Acenblue has been established in Queretaro until positioning as one of the strongest options for personnel recruitment for medium and senior management.


In an interview with Mexico Industry, Timo Dolleschel, recruitment general management, pointed out to the automotive sector and its supply as the main high-profiles plaintiff, which speaks about the good moment of this industry in the Bajio.


“The plan is to start here, because there is too much industry and the other important cities in the industrial sector are near here, such as San Luis Potosi, Puebla, Guanajuato, Aguascalientes; the geographic location of Queretaro is important,” underlined, after enlisting the food and chemical sectors among those that request their services.


Acensblue serves any company, regardless of the sector or nationality.  Through a format the customer and recruitment personnel complete, the requested profile is established, then, recruitment of the German company begins looking through their contact’s network and in social network specific profiles such as LinkedIn.


“We need to understand the vacancy position profile, that it is well defined.  Based on that we began the search, began in social networks, but I am honest, what is received in too much, many CVs arrive, but 95 % of those CVs have not the required knowledge or have nothing to do with the vacant position,” noted the interviewee.


The challenges for this new company begin with specific profiles tracking, but also, as many times it is about transnational companies, they have to match values and company objectives with those that will be position candidates.


“It is very complicated to find profiles with the knowledge to cover those vacancies, and the other thing, for our customers, mainly German, it is very important to have someone stable, if they see someone with a curriculum that changes jobs every year, they will reject it,” he added.



Together with its parent company, WMP Mexico Advisors, Acensblue also offers the linkage for advisories with professional lawyers that help their customers in elaborating contracts of local work.


Likewise, Dolleschel referred the company on his charge has the payroll maquila service; however, from the total of operations offered by Acensblue per month, 80 % have to do with recruitment services.


Currently, the company operates with 7 workers, but due to the growth in the demand for their services, they anticipate ending 2019 with at least 3 more workers.