The Canadian company Exo-s, located in the industrial zone of San Juan del Rio, is dedicated to the manufacturing of plastic pieces for the automotive Industry, such as other products for the domestic market.


With headquarters in Sherbrooke, Canada, Exo-s has four production plants; one in Canada, two in the United States and the plant in Queretaro, which stands out for having all the group’s processes.


“We have a part specialized in injection molding, another one specializes in blow molding and additionally we have a mold manufacturing workshop, of tooling, of gages and jigs, we also have a metrology laboratory.  Therefore we can say we have a complete plant, when in the other plants are most specialized in the same process,” underlined Francois Ouellet, director of Exo-s, plant San Juan del Rio.


In an area of 18,000 m2 of facilities, the 260 collaborators bring the plant to life, from design and manufacturing of molds and tooling, to the metrology area.  At the plant are manufactured, in the blowing area: ducts for the heating and air conditioning system of vehicles; in the injection area: engine covers, antifreeze tanks and pieces called from black functional, as well as garbage baskets and products for kitchen.


The productive capability of the plant can reach up to 150,000 pieces per week, although it depends in much of the product and the program line being supplied.  Most part of the production is intended to Mexican assemblies; only 10 % is exported to the U.S. and Canada.  However, its products travel the world in the assembled cars exported to other countries.


Meanwhile 80 % of the supplies for production are national, and 20 % is imported from the United States.


Regarding human capital, Francois Ouellet said that specialized technicians recruitment is highly competitive; however, the company keeps continuous internal training with personnel from external plants, as well as the implementation of ERP called PLex.  “I believe it is a very good quality workforce, people are willing to learn and grow,” he said.  We offer a complete career plan and the possibility of travel to other group plants to have world-class training.


Four years after settling in Queretaro, the plant has duplicated its productive surface and triplicated its production and within the upcoming months they expect to continue growing with the installation of new injection and blowing equipment.  “We are thinking growing in this 35 % rhythm annually, then we will require to continue bringing more machinery, make more investments and of requiring more employees yet,” said the plant directive.


Within this context, he said that they are currently finishing a second expansion project; therefore, they expect reaching 300 employees for the beginning of 2020.  Such project observes an additional investment of 10 million dollars for last generation machinery, new personnel, as well as ending the construction of the second expansion of 5,400 m2 of the facilities to continue increasing their productive capability.


Consequently, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico recognized Exo-s in 2017, with the award COBA from the investment division, for being a Canadian company that has invested the most in our country.  “We are very proud of this award which was granted by the Canadian ambassador, Pierre Alarie.  We also received an award to the business merit in the end of 2017 from the Union de Industriales de San Juan del Rio,” said Francois.


The plant has certifications such as IATF 16949 and ISO 14001.  Before the Exo-s growth in Queretaro, it is expected to open the market with other automotive brands, as well as to incur in the medical, aerospace and of high technology sectors, since without doubt they have the technical capability and talent from the people of Queretaro.


Owed to that talent capability, passion and commitment, Exo-s becomes the first plant supplier of GM in May 2018 by having the certification BIQS level 5 in Mexico.