Plastek Group is a company of American capital mainly dedicated to provide transformation services for the plastic industry, aiming to provide solutions to the packaging needs from different industry producers.


“We are oriented to solving and serve packaging needs, and even to design the container when customers requires it, we fulfill the manufacture of the mold, its production and final delivery to their facilities,” Carlos Alberto Gonzalez, general manager of Plastek Group Mexico, explained.


The company originally established in Mexico City, started activities in 1965, with a 100 % Mexican capital: for 2006 was opened the first plant in Queretaro, later in 2010 the entire equipment was moved and the parent company closed which was located in the country’s capital.  Nevertheless, the company went being of American capital when it was purchased by Plastek Group in 2015.


Totally the group has nine plants, five located in the United States, from which two are dedicated to mold manufacture and design, and the rest perform plastic transformation, in the state of Queretaro representing Mexico are two more, and finally one in the United Kingdom and Brazil, where they offer their blown services in addition to plastic injection.


“We currently have two plants, the main one has a total surface of 10,000 m2 from which, half are direct assets dedicated to production, the second one has 4,000 m2, addressing 2,500 m2 to the production area,” said Carlos Gonzalez.


Regarding their production, the company shows a great demand, achieving to manufacture 2,300 million pieces a year, consuming 600 tons of plastic per month, transforming thus 700,000 tons of plastic a year.


“We are directly exporting between 20 and 25 % of production, it varies regarding the year, although indirectly we are exporting about 60 % since some of our customers here in Mexico are packaging and the product ends in another country,” Carlos Alberto Gonzalez explained.


Any company performs without specialized human capital that is why, the plant has four shifts to work 24 hours, seven days a week and thus satisfy the demand required by the market.  Additionally, Plastek Group has its own training and improvement programs, through which employees are encouraged to finish their high school education.


On the other hand, future is visualized ambitious for Plastek Group since they have undertook automation plans and has anticipated opening another plant in 2019 and thus obtain a growth area within the next five to ten years.


Finally, another project of the company is to obtain the ISO 22000 certification, aiming to offer their services to potential customers from the food sector.