The Indian company, Spark Minda KTSN started operations on 2017 in Queretaro.  It has a surface of 14,000 square meters where 180 work among trusted employees and unionized personnel.


The activity of the company is automotive, 100 % dedicated to the manufacture of plastic parts for the automobiles interior, through plastic injection process, infrared welding and ultrasonic welding.


“We do plastic parts injection.  Those are kinematic parts; we call them like that because they have movement.  One of the main parts we manufacture is the glove compartment for automobiles,” said Marco Tulio Chapa Reyna, plant manager at Spark Minda KTSN.


The company started as a supplier for Volkswagen de Mexico, currently a ramp is going to be launched with a second project, with a production of 1,400 pieces per day, this means, and an approximate of 7,000 pieces per week.


“We supply the local market, to Volkswagen de Mexico which is located in Puebla and later to the global market managed by the United States and other countries,” said the directive.


Spark Minda KTSN is located in Pirna, Germany.  Today there are about 35 plants of the company around the world, 27 of them are in India and the remaining ones in Europe and Asia.


The plant located in Queretaro is the first one from Grupo MINDA in all America.  “Our main contribution is obviously the assembly and parts injection for Volkswagen, this is the only plant that currently supplies these parts,” said Marco Tulio Chapa, mentioning that this plants stands out because the facilities are completely new and the entire resources of machinery as well as of technology comes from Germany.


Since Spark Minda KTSN started operations a year ago, the plant has increased its production, to the level of being working at 75 % of the total capacity.  However, in the following 3 months is expected to reach 95 %.  The company seeks establishing commercial relations with different OEMs such as Audi, BWW, Ford, and General Motors.


Regarding supplying, as part of its suppliers is directed by customers, most of them are located in the United States, especially of resin; nevertheless, other parts are bought in Germany.  Thus, a small part, between 10 % or 15 % of the supplies of the raw material is acquired locally.


On the other hand, the directive mentioned that the human capital of the company is very competitive.  “In fact, I am very impressed with the workforce quality we have.  They are people committed with their work and the goals established in the administration,” said Marco Tulio Chapa Reyna.


“What amazes me a little is that it is very young personnel, and despite of that, they are well prepared.  Young people is providing enough knowledge and are the main source to continue growing in the industry,” said the plant manager.


He mentioned that the company has a training plan, not only here at Spark Minda but also inside Volkswagen.  “We are sending people to be trained in the different areas, as well as the operators.  That entertainment we receive outside is transferred to our people when we get back,” he said.


The Indian company has the certification ISO TS-16949 in Mexico and it is in process of migrating to the IATF.  In addition they have BDA certificates from Volkswagen regarding quality and logistics.