Solgistika opened its first storage and logistics industrial building of 2,600 square meters with an approximate investment of 20 million pesos.  The property is located at the Aeropuerto Industrial Park (PIA, by its Spanish initials) settled on a strategic region for products’ distribution, said the general director of the company, Jose Jimenez Pineda.

“We chose Colon, the most dynamic and of higher growth municipality in the last years.  Here we have a privileged location, we are 20 kilometers average from the industry.  We have privileged connectivity, an airport, we are across the Ferroparque and have the main federal and state highways.”

The company offers storage services, goods reception, inventory control, and cross-dock goods shipping.  It also has product labeling and packaging service, as well as heat-sealing and press pack.

Likewise, through strategic alliances, Solgistika offers transportation services with satellite tracking.

“We have an expectation of having this industrial building occupied at 100 percent in a maximum of eight months, we could fill it even this year and that makes us searching for new points, surely we will be heading further north, to the Queretaro Park,” said the general director.



Thirteen years ago, Jose Jimenez founded Innovet, a company that designs and manufactures containers, through plastics heat-sealing.  Later, in 2009, it created Solgistika, in which they trained personnel to fulfill in-house tasks in two distribution centers of international logistics operators in Mexico City and in Estado de Mexico.

Then, in 2012 they changed storage to serve higher requirements.  In alliance with one of its customers started operations in Estado de Mexico with a workforce of 200 workers.

“We were working in our customers’ house, we operated under the roof of other companies, but today we have this new house, where we will apply the good practices acquired after 10 years of experience,” noted Jimenez Pineda.