By presenting subjects focused on the identification of the different sources of logistics costs and how to reduce them, Gaston Cedillo, technical responsible of the National Laboratory on Transportation and Logistics Systems together with Sergio Arturo Nava, director of AFICO Comercial & Comercio Exterior., offered the lecture titled “Reduction of logistic costs,” this during the celebration of the 13th Forum on Logistics in Queretaro.


We have identified how logistics costs are a key element for companies’ competitiveness, which usually trend to thing that there is only one way to measure such logistic costs; however, these depend on their value proposal, according to that activities linked to the logistics subject must be mapped to then establish particular strategies, this means that each company must perform an analysis towards itself which will allow improve its competitiveness, said Gaston Cedillo.


It is important for companies to focus on being prepared to adopt new technologies, by carrying on a coordinated progress with solid bases, “a good logistics and of processes organization will always allow companies quickly adopt these new technologies,” said Sergio Arturo Nava, director of AFICO Comercial & Comercio Exterior.


The Bajio area is growing quickly, we are aware of that there are needs and they have to be improved, said Gaston, he added, “an important element is that we see ourselves as a region, coordinating efforts in such manner that what they are doing is potentialized.”


Before ending, Sergio Arturo Nava, director of AFICO Comercial & Comercio Exterior, said that the Cluster for Logistics Innovation of Queretaro is working together with the Mexican Institute of Transportation, aiming to potentiate the region in logistics matter, “despite of being a challenging project it has had a favorable response from companies; among the benefits this collaboration grants is the attraction of new investment projects in the region, improving thus the life quality of people,” he said, “the idea is to create a clusters’ corridor in which different states forming the Bajio area participate.”