For the fourth time the German company leader in the manufacture of gripping systems and fastening technology, SCHUNK held the “Bratwurst 2018,” in which they sought a gathering environment for customers and collaborators.  At the same time, last generation robots and machinery were exhibited to demonstrate the use of SCHUNK products.


“What we are looking in fact is making this SCHUNK event, the Bratwurst of Munich, a site of gathering with customers.  We have always focused with this event not in selling, but in gathering and sharing with the customer,” said Marcos Sepulveda, general director of SCHUNK Intec Mexico.


During the event, SCHUNK had the presence of several companies with which they had a synergy, as TARGET ROBOTICS in the integration part with a FANUC robot showing a collaborative gripper EGP-C from SCHUNK, CYM with the measurement tool, KOMET with which they work together in cutting tools, as well as ELMEC, which for this time fulfilled a demonstration in a vertical machining center with control of 5 axis GENOS M 460 V – 5AX brand OKUMA provided by HEMAQ and equipped with a KONTEC KSC 125-300 press and hydraulic tool holder TENDO E Compact Cat 40, both from SCHUNK for the elaboration of one piece.


There were also demonstration of robotic arms equipped by SCHUNK products, the first one YASKAWA MOTOMAN equipped with a pneumatic gripper parallel KGG of SCHUNK.  As well as an ABB robot with a gripper PGN plus 80 of SCHUNK inside a cell in which the FDB burr could be appreciated and the system of quick change VERO-S both also from SCHUNK.


“For SCHUNK the synergy goes from the raw material, the management of the work piece; since the arrival to the plant, to the exit from production; and that is precisely what we are trying to show: how the entire production process can be automated, mainly today when we are already living in the Industrial Revolution 4.0,” said the director of SCHUNK Intec Mexico.


SCHUNK had its “roadshow,” which is a truck that inside simulates an automated production line, since the piece machining to the manipulation of such piece of work, as it was an exhibition room.  The SCHUNK truck was just in the Universidad Veracruzana, where it held the demonstration of different high-grip tires equipment aimed to demonstrate how your process can be automated.


“With three phases: in the first part we have the simulation of a lathe, in which we have a NACHI robot with a gripper PGN plus 80 from SCHUNK, which takes a rough-and-ready piece and it places it in a chuck ROTA TP 125 from SCHUNK.  Once the lathing is finished, the piece is moved to the machining center, which has some SCHUNK products such as presses TANDEM KSP 100 and a spin SVR plus module for higher versatility at the moment of machining, giving the finish in the superior part.  Afterwards with the finished piece is taken by a second robot that also has a gripper PGN plus 80 from SCHUNK and takes it to the third part which is a quality station, where a modular system from SCHUNK that holds the piece and moves it to the final part to be inspected,” explained Cristobal Calva, who is in charge of providing support to SCHUNK integrators.


Such SCHUNK equipment offers a great capability of adaptability through the integration of sensors, with which information can be obtained as the precision or variation time, between fastening and another in a screen on real time.  In this collection of information is where SCHUNK collaborates with the company NC Tech.


It is important that SCHUNK additionally has electric grippers, as well as hydraulic tool holder, to mention some SCHUNK products, since they are operating in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical industry mainly.


The company currently has had a growth of 25 % annually, therefore it is about to start the construction of a technological center in a property land of 10,000 m2 by the end of this year in Queretaro and even, it is planning of opening an office in the northern part of the country.


This event was attended by 200 people and members of companies approximately with which there is a linkage as the Association for Technology, Manufacturing and Solutions (ATMS, by its Spanish initials,) who also could enjoy a traditional German meal.