Scania has its origin in the city of Sodertalje, Sweden.  With more than 125 years of history, this company has dedicated to the production and commercialization of heavy vehicles, industrial and maritime engines.


Scania started operations In Mexico in 1994, and through its history they have achieved to be positioned as market leader in passengers transportation.


“The Swedish company has its global headquarters outside Stockholm.  Today the company has German capital, since it has belonged to the Volkswagen group for more than three years.  However, Scania has not lost its essence and it continuous to be managed independently,” said Enrique Enrich, general director of Scania Mexico.


In 2006, Scania Mexico moved its corporate to the city of Queretaro, where the Spare parts Logistic Center is also located, same that distributes all the points Scania around the Mexican Republic, achieving thus 95 % of availability, which favors the operation of services and attention provided to customers.


“We are adapting to our customers’ needs, and that is why we have a wide range of vehicles in the merchandise transportation as well as of passengers, which go from long distance freight, to gas, diesel, biodiesel and biogas buses,” said Enrich.


In the Production Center of Scania Mexico, is finished the assembly of buses  chassis; about five chassis are assembled per day, and according to Enrique is what the market requires, since they also work together with the bodybuilders, with which has been achieved a very important synergy for buses  commercialization.  “We assembled the chassis of the structure, the axis, the powertrain, the engine, then the customer requiring the chassis tell us the body they prefer and here in Queretaro we have the main body we work with which is the Irizar,” said the director.


Regarding its growth, when Scania Mexico installed in Queretaro they had little more than 100 people; today their workforce is of more than 750 collaborators in the Scania network who expands throughout the country.  This sector of Scania human capital has worked in developing the collaborators’ talent, so much that some of them have migrated to management positions in the plants of Stockholm and Colombia.


This is how throughout these almost 25 years of history in Mexico, Scania has achieved global certifications of the own brand, and locally it has the distinction of Socially Responsible Company and continues working to offer its collaborators and customers an environment of quality and the best service in the market.


Scania Mexico stands out for its high volume of buses, gathering the world record of sales in 2017 as leader in the market Scania level around the world.  Likewise, the maintenance of the units is a fundamental part of the brand, and that is why today they have 4,200 maintenance policies; this figure represents 65 % of the totally of Scania vehicles circulating in the country, what reflects the trust customers have in the quality of the services and units.  It is important to mention that the maintenance provided by Scania to its customers is done directly by the brand, since, as Enrich said, attention and customer service cannot be outsourced.


“Scania Mexico has contributed in much with grupo Scania globally regarding spare parts logistics, maintenance policies, vehicles commercialization, to mention a few, we see our customers’ needs from inside and that is what led us to be leaders.  We continue with firm step also in the cargo sector, since we are sure that we will achieved positioning as leaders, not only for vehicle sale, but also as a brand with the best service and the best collaborators,” ended Enrique Enrich.