The sate consolidated as one of the main investment destination in the country in 2017


Queretaro continues to demonstrate being a reliable state before the scenario with which it started 2017, as the NAFTA renegotiation, the increase in fuel costs and all the climate and nature affectations affecting the country.


The State development continued for good path to continue generating opportunities for the more than two million inhabitants with an economically active population of 824,000 people.  Queretaro has grown in a sustained manner in the last five years, being a national referent as the federative entity that grows the most.


With a solid and growing Industry, foreign investments are a reflection of the international capitals that continue to bet on Queretaro.  In 2017 by the cut of the third trimester, the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) was kept in figures higher than 880 million dollars; amount that broke the paradigms, since the United States was kept as the main investor in the state with 309 million dollars.


However, Germany with a great upturn on its investment point is the second one with 309.2 million dollars and likely on its number of companies, adding 188; followed by Canada and Spain with 104.9 million dollars and 66.4 million dollars, respectively.


“The last amount we have, the comparative with the third trimester of 2016 against the third trimester of 2017, shows that Queretaro received 880 million dollars and in the same period of the previous year were 779 million dollars approximately, that is a growth of about 1 % regarding the previous year, although we have to also consider the last trimester of this 2017,” said Marco Antonio Del Prete, head of the Ministry of Sustainable Development in the State.


Through the Industrial Promotion Director of SEDESU were concreted 56 investment projects, what represented 14,152 million pesos of potential investment, which in comparison with 2016, projects practically duplicated.


“In 2016 were 34 projects approximately and today 56, what generated 14,152 million pesos of potential investment and a potential generation of 11,355 new jobs,” said Marco Del Prete.


He indicated that there were 21 automotive projects, four research centers, nine aeronautic, two metal-mechanics, three of information technologies and 17 that belong to other disperse activities.  “From the projects we concreted most of them have to do with the United States, Canada and Germany, followed by Mexico and Japan,” said the head of SEDESU, who added that most of these projects are being established in the municipalities of Queretaro and El Marques. (See infographic)


With that is confirmed that Queretaro is one of the most dynamic states in Mexico, since its economic growth is higher to the national average.  It is important to remember that according to the INEGI, the last amounts indicate that the State presented a growth of 7.7 % in 2015, on its Gross Domestic Product (GDP.) The State GDP that year increased to 314,978.9 million pesos, amount that meant a participation of 2.3 % of the GDP annual.  That same year, the GDP per capita (relation between GDO and number of inhabitants) of the entity reached 198,129 annual pesos, a 34.5 % above the country’s average.


According with the last indicators presented by the State Government, the manufacturing Industry provided 64.7 % of GDP of the secondary sector, and this last one contributed with 44.9 % of the State GDP.  This means, that the secondary sector, obtained a growth of 9.7 % in the last years.


“The Gross Domestic Product was kept balanced, manufacturing increased to 30 %, it is one of the activities that grew,” said the head of the SEDESU.


Without doubt, the manufacturing Industry is the soul of the economy in Queretaro, from it depend at least 231,289 direct jobs in Queretaro.  This sector includes 64.7 % of the GDP generated by the secondary sector, being the main industries: transportation equipment manufacturing, food, chemical, paper, electric, and electronics and of plastic and rubber.


By the end of 2017, were counted 45 industrial parks or zones in the State, most have several years of work, others are newly created and others are in the process of development. These are distributed as follows: 19 in the municipality of El Marques, 11 in Queretaro, five in Colon, four in Corregidora, four in San Juan del Rio, one in Huimilpan and one in Cadereyta. (See infographic 2)


One of the most ambitious industrial park projects is the one recently announced Advance Technology Queretaro (ATeQ) in which technological companies will operate under the scheme of Industry 4.0, with an investment of 620 million pesos for its construction.


“We are presenting the High Technology Park of Queretaro, which has 103 hectares that in turn will have 41 lots available and more than 805,700 m2 that will also provide access to the facilities of the Mexican Air Force located in the southern part of the airport,” said Marcos Del Prete.


Queretaro recognized world wide


It is well known that in the aeronautical industry of Queretaro retains the fifth place worldwide in attraction of investment. For this and more, reputable rating agencies such as Moody's Investors which analyzes commercial and government entities, qualifies the State with an investment level superior to most municipalities in Mexico ( and Baa1-national and global scales.)


On the other hand, Standard and Poor's (S&P,) a U.S. financial services company, positively qualified Queretaro for its credit worthiness, recognizing the entity's finances as the best planned; the State is the first in the country to obtain a qualification for investment.


While the international firm KPMG published a study in this locates Queretaro as the number one for investments of companies, followed by Jalisco and Nuevo Leon.


In addition, a few months ago the State obtained the third position in the ranking of the Mexican States of the Future 2016-2017, issued by fDi Intelligence of the Financial Times. Likely, the city of Queretaro was ranked second as “the friendliest in America to do business” and “future city in Latin America.” This study highlights the growth rate of the Gross Domestic Product, considered the highest in the nation, as well as the experience and results obtained due to the attraction of important investments.


Clustering, key for success

Thanks to the conjoined work of the triple axis, made by the companies, government and academia, Queretaro has had a fixed course aimed at the development of productive sectors through clusters.

There are six clusters in the entity: aeronautics, automotive, biotechnology, information technology and the medical.  The forming of these follows the arrival of companies of such sectors for the need to establish the same course of work so that they contribute to increase their productivity and consolidate the economic development of the State.


As of 2006, clusters began to take shape in the State, starting with IT, now called Vortex IT Cluster; later in 2012 were created the Queretaro Aerocluster A.C. and Biotq Cluster, A.C. (the biotechnology cluster;) later, in 2013, the Automotive Cluster of Queretaro, A.C.; in 2014 the Medical Cluster Queretaro, A.C. and the most recent creation, the Plastic Cluster of Queretaro, A.C. formed in 2017.


All of them are integrated by companies from the sector, universities, technological development centers and government institutions.


“Through the Direction of Business Development value was generated for companies in the State through training to different clusters.  Practically, this direction is in charge of the relation with the clusters and the linkage among companies,” ended Marcos Del Prete.