Airbus and General Electric endorse their confidence with new investments in the State


An important sector that has turned increasingly popular in the last years in Queretaro has been the aerospace sector, locating the State in fourth place globally within the most important destination of investment for such industry, only below Singapore, Dubai and Bangalore.


With economic revenue of almost 400 billion dollars, the aerospace industry has become a fundamental pillar for the State according to the Mexican Federation of Aerospace Industries (FEMIA, by its Spanish initials) the sector has 15 % annual growth, generating 50 thousand jobs in Queretaro.


Queretaro is the only State in the country that has an educational institute focused on the sector, the Aeronautical University in Queretaro (UNAQ, by its Spanish initials) specialized in providing support to the development of the aerospace industry with infrastructure for the formation in manufacturing processes and maintenance, design and technological development and some current frameworks of innovation and research, in addition of the development projects the university has with different companies and institutions.




Airbus Helicopters announced that they will fulfill the settlement of a new maintenance center for helicopters in Queretaro, with an investment higher than 240 million pesos.


It is important underlining that in 2013, Airbus Helicopters opened its first plant dedicated to the manufacturing of high technology metallic aerostructures for Airbus airplanes in the State, with an investment near the 100 million dollars and with a surface of 13 thousand square meters, which will allow a growth and the increase of twice the production of the facilities located at the Aerotech Industrial Park, in the municipality of Colon.


During its recent work tour through Europe, the governor Francisco Dominguez Servien announced the arrival of new investments to the State, which mainly benefit the aerospace sector, among them, Airbus Helicopters, which is a French company present in Latin America for 40 years, with a service fleet of 1,400 helicopters that represent a third of the operative fleet in the region, as well as its own Customer Center network based in Brazil, Chile and Mexico, six maintenance centers and two industrial centers offering support activities in 29 countries.


The meeting with Airbus directives was led by Mesrob Karalekian, region chief and Julien Negreo, Commerce chief of LATAM.



Another important project that joins the aerospace sector is the creation of an Additive manufacturing consortium with General Electric Additive, with an amount of 280 million pesos, through which they will be working together with CONACYT and SIDESI, encouraging the introduction of industry 4.0 with the 3D printer, benefiting companies from Queretaro, by offering facilities equipped with last technology, in addition of personnel qualified for the development and prototype production, same that of not having the required equipment, generate great investments for MSMEs.


At the meeting with Gary Mercer, vice-president of GE Aviation, the Queretaro entourage talked about the collaboration projects they have with the National Center for Aeronautics Technologies CENTA in Queretaro, and which they showed their interest in emulating the way of work of the WIA (Warsaw, Institute of Aviation) with GE in Poland.


On the other hand, it was anticipated that the company Meggitt specialized in aerospace products design, from airplane and space launchers to gas turbines and heart monitors, will announce an expansion project at the Aerospace Park – VESTA, which observes between 50 and 100 hectares.



Currently, the state houses 16 manufacturing companies and five companies from space processes related with the aerospace sector, pioneers in the entity are among which is the Canadian firm Bombardier Aerospace Mexico, dedicated to the design and manufacturing of aviation products; Safran, aeronautic company of French origin, that produces blades and engines; the Spanish company Aernnova, that makes aerostructures, as wings, stabilizers and fuselages; Boeing, blades producers and engines for planes, as well as the French Airbus.


The secretary of Sustainable Development in the State, Marco del Prete indicated that Bombardier has an important bet on Queretaro, structures related with two kind of planes are being manufactured currently: the Global 7000 and the Serie C, an airplane being manufactured together with Airbus and has been marketed in alliance with Bombardier.


“They are observing that the aviation dynamics is evolving in a positive manner worldwide, competition is increasing and requires locations with the best costs, competitive locations with competitive prices and, obviously, the fact that the governor attended these meetings with the president of Bombardier structures, which is who leads the plants in Queretaro, provided the confidence to continue investing in the State,” said Marco Del Prete.




During the commercial tour through Europe, the head of the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Marco del Prete, together with the director of Industrial Promotion, Guillermo Lozano Lozano, gathered with representatives of UMI Manufactura, Lauak companies, as well as with the French Association of the Aerospace Industry.


UMI Manufactura is a Spanish company specialized in surface treatments; at the meeting, the CEO of the company, Antoni Cresis, presented their investment case and its business project to be installed in the State; while the Lauak representatives were presented with the competitive advantages of the state by the supplying company.  Both investments are competing with different federative entities in our country; if it materializes 300 new jobs will be generating and a one investment higher than 25 million euros.


Finally, members of the Queretaro entourage held an encounter with the French Aerospace Industries Association, with whom the visit to Queretaro of 30 French companies was concreted, same that could invest to complete the supply chain of the aeronautics industry in Queretaro.


It is worth mentioning that the Queretaro Aerocluster is recognized nationally and international by offering its 47 members, 29 companies and allies a high value in addition of promoting and strengthen the sustainable development of the aeronautics and space industry in the state of Queretaro through the coordination of companies, research centers, educational institutions and Governments at state and federal level, in addition of human capital training, innovation, programs and the establishment of strategic alliances.