With an investment of 25 million dollars Integrity Tool & Mold de Mexico expanded its production level in Queretaro


Queretaro is one of the most attractive States in the country for the arrival of new investments and expansions of already settled companies. Its strategical location, infrastructure and specialized workforce, are interesting factors for foreign investment.


Integrity Tool & Mold de Mexico is a Canadian company dedicated to the design, development, manufacturing and maintenance of plastic injection molds, which decided to settle in Queretaro and since their arrival in October 2012, they have experienced a dynamic growth.


Six years ago, the company started operations with only five employees, in an area of 1,858 m2; in 2015 they achieved duplicating the size of their facilities at 3,716 m2, generating 120 in five years. 


“Our customers asked us to settle a supporting plant in Mexico, previously we had to travel a lot from Canada to the different plants; with a plant here, it was easier for us to have a complete availability 24/7.  Before coming here, we fulfilled an analysis through which we sought to identify the best to settle in Queretaro,” said Wayne McLaughlin, plant manager and operations in Mexico.


Integrity Tool & Mold de Mexico focuses in the manufacturing of molds for the industry, mainly for the automotive sector. It provides its customers with a complete service, from a customized design to its production.


Wayne McLaughlin said that they work directly with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as Ford, GM, FCA Mercedes, VW, BMW and Tier1 suppliers such as Magna, Flex-N-Gate, Grupo ABC, Valeo, Hella and North American Lighting, to mention a few.


“We created a first world company with which we are competing with countries such as China, Europe, Canada and the United States, we have 175 highly trained employees, who far from being only operators, are personnel specialized on their respective areas.”


Integrity Tool & Mold is betting again on Queretaro

Julie Sipkens, finance manager at Integrity Tool & Mold, said that they chose Queretaro due to the great number of customers dedicated to pieces molding in the area.


“Their demand was increasing therefore we had to have a new space to respond to their needs,” she explained.


Due to the strategic location and quick access provided by Queretaro to Integrity Tool & Mold the company decided to build a new plant in the State to have a greater response capability with their customers located at the Bajio corridor.


With an investment of 25 million dollars and endowed with the most advanced technology, Integrity Tool & Mold de Mexico celebrated the launching of their new production plant located at El Marques Industrial Park.


With this new complex, its two facilities located in Queretaro already add 14,000 m2of production surface. 


“This new plant is an extension of the previous one; owed to the strong demand, spaces were increasingly small, therefore we made the decision of closing the former plant and moved all the equipment here, acquiring thus greater production capability, in addition of having six types of processes to manufacture molds of 12, 23, 330 and 500 tons,” saidJulie Sipkens.


Meanwhile, Wayne McLaughlin, plant and operations manager in Mexico, said that the intention of being here is to satisfy the Mexican market: “we currently have exports to Canada, the United States and South America; however, we are focused in Mexico.”


The new facility will allow increasing the production capability, rise efficiency and have advanced technology machinery to serve the requirements demanded by the industry.


Production Volume


The company closed 2018 with a total of 140 molds and are anticipating to increase their production to 175 in 2019, which will be addressed mainly to the Mexican market.


In addition to this, throughout the year, Integrity Tool & Mold de Mexico fulfills engineering changes and reparation of existing molds, as part of the services they offer.


ForJulie Sipkens, the company’s success is mostly owed to the Mexican workforce quality and the capability to develop first-level skills supported by experts from Canada and the United States.


“For us, Mexican workforce has been good, despite of how hard is to find specialized people, Integrity Tool & Mold de Mexico focuses more on skills and attitude, we believe a person with these two characteristics can develop and learn quick,” she noted.


The Bajio Market continues to attract Canadian investments


According to information from the Ministry of Economy, to June 2018, Queretaro had 153 Canadian companies installed; only in that year, the presence of Canadian investment became important with an increase of 100 %, talking mainly of companies from the automotive and aeronautical sectors.


From 1999 to 2018, Canada was the third investor in Mexico with 34,804 million dollars, what represents 6.6 % of accumulated FDI, from this total 5.1 % was addressed to the state of Queretaro, arriving with companies from the manufacturing sector, mainly focused to the manufacturing of transportation equipment.


After China and the United States, Mexico is the third country with which Canada fulfills its main commercial transactions and strongest investments.


It is important to mention that the Canadian FDI was the third highest in Queretaro last year, only below the American capital which registered 323.4 million dollars, and from Germany that increased to 278.5 million.


Among the companies that keep an important bet on Queretaro, as they considered one of their investment points for this year, is Bombardier, who announced they are looking for strategic locations that contribute with competitive costs for their operability.


For 2019, is anticipated that Canadian companies will continue to invest in the State, contributing to its development and job generation.