Plastar de Queretaro started operating in 1997 by covering a specific need of the Queretaro industry, mainly from the electric, refrigeration, home appliances and automotive sectors.

The estate of Queretaro started to industrially develop in an important manner and with that the lack of maquila and plastic injection companies was noticed; Plastar de Queretaro arrived to cover that need, said Damian Tort San Roman, owner shareholder of Plastar de Queretaro, “back then we were three or four plastic injectors in the city, today we are more than 200.”

“I was an employee for many years and had the opportunity of perceive the needs that existed in the market, as result I made the decision of being independent, and with the capital generated for almost 10 years of my professional life, always supported by my family, we launched this project, as every new company it took time, for the next two years we continue investing before seeing our first important growth,” said Damian Tort.

We worked to the day covering the needs of the customer of the moment.

Plastic injection processes tend to be quick, said Damian, “here in Plastar, we work 24 hours scenarios, at the moment we are working four days a week from Monday to Thursday with two groups that complete work days of 12 hours, the number of workers depends on the workload, and we currently have 14 workers.”

Injection machines can make 2 cycles per minute, our production is based in function of the number of machines we have working, for example if we have five machines working we are talking of 15,000 daily pieces, said the interviewee.

Usually, customers contacting us have their molds and we only do the piece; however, we also have customers that do not have them, in those cases we help them designing the molds, defining the number of cavities, specify materials to be used, coordinate the manufacturing of the molds although we do not manufacture them, we work with workshops specialized in these kind of works; we can go from product design to the manufacturing depending on the customers’ needs, said the director of Plastar de Queretaro.

Throughout 21 years the company has acquired different agreements with international and national plastic suppliers, who manage very large ranges, providing them the facility of acquiring any material required by their customers in a relatively short time.

Despite Plastar does not fulfill direct export, the company has worked for Samsung, Mabe, Harada, Plasticos Nova, among others, who in turn fulfill export processes.

“Currently, we are settled in a 450 m2 lot, of which most is used by the production area, since the offices are in the second floor of a space of 30 m2 and on a third floor we have the dinner for our personnel; however, these companies do not stop growing, that is why we are intended to expand and build a warehouse in the Pyme Park next year,” Tort ended.