Quality is the distinctive stamp of Plano Firme, a company specialized in coatings for high resistance monolithic floors, chemical and mechanical, as highlighted by Jesus Samuel Pedroza Gomez, director of the company.


“Quality is our differentiator.  I have been on both sides, quoting as well as supplier and I have seen that many competition uses products of very bad quality or are not constant on that and I believe we have stood out there, we do not use the cheapest products,” he underlined.

It is that during the five years of the company, Samuel Pedroza has learned that his business success to guarantee its services durability.


That is why, it has enough personnel and machinery to satisfy the industry demand, regardless of the size, sector or geographic conditions in which the location is.  Additionally, they have the capability to intervene one thousand meters per day.


“We always fulfill visits, we have to perform mandatory visits to be able to actually perform a duly survey regarding areas, concrete status, among others.”


Plano Firme has three concrete systems, considered by Pedroza Gomez as their core products: the epoxy and polyurethane sealing system, for pedestrian traffic; the self-leveling carpet system, for forklift intermediate traffic of up to three tons and a mortar system with self-leveling that supports up to eight tons.


“We use last generation machinery, which thanks to dust collectors they have we do not generate dust, then we can be working at part of the industry without stopping production.  Plus we give our customers is: ‘I am not going to interrupt you, you just leave me free space where I will be working and you keep working’ or there are other plants that say: ‘you can enter until 10 pm,’ there is schedule flexibility,” said the executive, who remembers that Plano Firme slogan is “We adapt to industry.”