The German company Orthey Tooling Mexico was founded in December 2017 when they established their first sales office in Queretaro, aimed to fulfill different demands from the wide industrial market.


In September 2018 the company began operations in Queretaro, by being relocated on a wider space, showing a positive growth and expanding their customers portfolio.


“Orthey Tooling is a small replica of our main molds production plant in China, it is a big project, in 2018 only we produced more than 520 injection molds and we are increasing this trend,” said Clemens Welter, manager of Orthey Tooling.


According to Welter, their products are for customers that produce parts made of plastic, Tier 1 or Tier2 companies from the automotive industry “We focus on 2K parts, insertion molding and high precision parts.  If parts are for interiors, will be visible or for the engine part, we produce them with high quality and toughness.”


In addition, he said that this center is responsible for providing its customers an after sales service in Mexico, giving them follow-up and advisory after they acquire some of their high precision injection molds made in China.


This includes final correction if necessary, support for mechanical issues during mold production and project management.


He said they provide accurate adjustment service, maintenance, repair and spare parts production.


It is worth mentioning that Orthey Tooling offers its services to other industries such as electronics and of communications; their products are exported to Europe (Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, to mention a few,) the United States, China, Taiwan and Japan, among others.




Clemens Welter explained that their suppliers are mainly from Mexico, although they also have German companies within their supply system.


“Mexican workforce shows in every level.  The important thing is we find workers passionate about the company and their own job that accept responsibility for their work precision.  In addition, motivation is a big part of leadership management,” he said.


Clemens Welter said that the main plant is located in China, in addition of being present in Mexico and Germany, country where their headquarters are located.




The company’s plan for the next three years is to expand the plant from 508 m2 to 1,000 m2 or more.


“We also will be hiring more jobs that will provide us with suitable bases to increase our injection molds manufacturing in the country.  Our manufacturing plant has many years of experience and this is a strong added value for our plant here in Mexico,” he underlined.


At the same time, this company will have a sales team working in strategic States in the country such as Nuevo Leon, Puebla, Guadalajara, Mexico City and Queretaro.