Juan Carlos Hernandez Aguilar


Originally from Queretaro, Juan Carlos Hernandez Aguilar arrived to the company Harman in December 2013, thanks to his aptitudes in the electronic industry; he started working as technician in the preventive maintenance area.


For two years he dedicated to provide weekly, monthly, trimestral, semiannual and annual maintenance to different equipment in the plant, until his life changed.


“Two years afterwards I had a disability acquired in a surgery.  This disability is a spinal cord injury at T12 level complete.  I thought my labor life ended or the issue that many times when we had a disability you think that companies close their doors to us,” said Juan Carlos.


Thanks to his perseverance, he returned to work at Harman with the entire support the company already gave him to work.  It was there when he was invited to CCTE Index Merhen for wheelchair management, where he learned to move, go up and down ramps, etc.


It was like this that with all his desire to overcome he went back to the plant to continue applying his knowledge, today in a different manner.  “The activities I fulfill in this department are to provide maintenance to the wellheads, fiders (feeders) and a little more specific equipment.  There are more detailed things, more meticulous, with much more precision that not any person can provide,” he indicated.


Juan Carlos never expected the welcome his partners gave him and the support from the company, to whom he thanked the motivation to give his best day after day.  “After I had my disability there has been more good people that have approached to help me.  In this case Harman has giving me the opportunity to reincorporate to my work activities.  Human resources people, everyone has been good to me and I think that is a value really present here in Harman,” he said.


“Here in Harman what I am looking as a person is to develop professionally, but also as human, be better every day, is the most important thing each time I wake up and come to work,” Juan Carlos Hernandez ended.