The company Mundo de la Seguridad, originally from San Luis Potosi, held the opening of their subsidiary in Queretaro.


The event was attended by directives and collaborators, as well as customers and general managers of the main supply brands of the company.


This subsidiary joins the one existing in San Luis Potosi, state in which Mundo de la Seguridad has achieved to position as the best on its kind.


Mundo de la Seguridad offers the Bajio industry a great variety of products for their respiratory protection, body, hearing, visual, for hands and head.


In addition of having a Sales Team specialized in subjects such as:


-        Heights engineering projects

-        Confined spaces

-        Electric safety

-        Leakage control

-        Lockout and tag out


Offering services such as:

-        Consignment

-        Vending machines

-        Mirror warehouses, among others.




The new facilities will have more than 1,600 square meters, in which will be housed products of the main brands worldwide of personal protection equipment, and are located across the Queretaro Industrial Park.


The main brands they manage are: MSA, Ansell, Dexterhand, Fall Pro, Lenard, 3M, DU PONT, Allkey Mexico, New Pig, Master Lock, MCR, MAPA, Honeywell, Moldex, to mention a few.


The company is seeking to consolidate as the best safety and industrial hygiene equipment supplier for now in the Bajio area.


Their experience and preparation guarantees an excellent customer service, which fulfills national and international standards, granting the technical support for the correct use that allows protecting the integrity of the final user.