Novapak is a Mexican company born in 1999 in Torreon, Coahuila; dedicated to packing and packaging, offering quality in different solutions for every sector.


“We manage about 4,000 products and solutions for the industry, what we manufacture the most is the stretch film or pre stretch, plastic bags, foam, bubble, cardboard centers, cardboard corner post, cardboard box and we also have owned brand tapes, we market strap, strap seals, cardboard, paper and many other products,” said Carlos Ignacio Calderon, operations manager in Queretaro.


Novapak has four producer plants and one transformer plant currently in Mexico; three of them are in Torreon and another one in San Pedro.  In 2013 the company extended its operations to the Bajio by opening a branch in the State of Queretaro aimed to serve the needs of the region and where it currently has sales of more than three million pesos.


For the elaboration of its product Novapak just acquired an Italian machine to produce forefront stretch film of pentacapa (laminated,) with that the company transforms 20,000 tons of plastic resins and another 15,000 tons of paper and corrugated cardboard.


The film machine currently produces 400 monthly tons.  At the corner post factory we have two production lines, we are working 24 hours and at the foam plant we have two machines to manufacture foam and two of bubbles also working 24 hours.”


Regarding raw material the group has a purchase team fairly comprehensive who is in charge of seeking the best in quality, therefore supplies such as paper are acquired nationally and abroad, straps from Greece, resins from the United States, among others, but they also have suppliers throughout national territory.


About exportation, products reach different parts of Central America and the United States, although 80 to 90 % is intended to local market for customers such as TRW-ZF, cadena comercial Oxxo, Magna, Mazda, Danone, Tetrapak, to mention a few.


“Our Green strategy is to make people aware about the use of this material; we have to know that everything will go into the trash.  Then we help customers with saving plans and personnel training and we advise them to choose the material suitable for them and to not generate too many wastes.” 


Novapak is a company with future vision, within their short term plans is the opening of two more cedis this year; one in Guadalajara and another one in Mexico City.  Meanwhile, they are planning for next year the opening of a producer plant in the State of Texas in our neighboring country.