Eaton Power Systems Division


The plant Eaton Power Systems Division specializes in manufacturing components of low, medium and high tension for the electric sector, it currently has 750 people working in a space of 350,000 square feet inside the Queretaro Industrial Park.


Armando Gonzalez, Eaton Bussman Plant Manager of the electric sector from Eaton, explained that the company manufactures electric components as fuses, lightning bolts, connectors, as well as isolated connectors that protect transformers as well as the technical service that manages the transformers, likewise, fuses are installed at lampposts to protect the connections towards residential and commercial use. A large number of manufactured products (98.5 % of the volume) are exported to the United States, and the products have a strong demand in hurricane season which reach the Atlantic and the North American coasts.  Only a very small part remains for the domestic market.


“These environmental impacts that occur year after year affect the electric facility network and our product works for all repairing and affectations that occur.  Our production volumes tend to increase in June and October, when the strongest hurricane season strives,” he said.


The parent company of this business division is located in Milwaukee and the Corporates are located in Cleveland, with corporate offices also in Dublin, Ireland.  However, the Queretaro plant highlights due to being the only one with the manufacture processes required for the product manufacture.


“The advantage we have is that, in addition of injection, we make vulcanized plastic and assembly components. Our manufacturing processes are complemented to manufacture the final product that the client needs,” said the plant manager.


Monthly are produced 125 thousand different pieces through these processes of molding, plastic injection and vulcanized; however, regarding products assembly, volumes are larger, since medium, high and low tension fuses are assembled.  “We manufacture 500 thousand to 600 thousand fuses each month and basically are distributed to North America, South America and in addition we export to Europe and Asia,” said Armando Gonzalez.


Regarding supply, Eaton is consolidating its local network in the area, in Queretaro as well as in the Bajio area.  Nevertheless, 60 % of these products are imported to Asia and Europe and 40 % are national, although they continue making progress in reverting percentages.


The growth this plant has had has been a constant since its arrival to the state in 2001.  Little more than three years ago they moved to the facilities where they are currently settled, and they are expecting to be expanded 250,000 square feet more, what will be adding a total expansion of 680,000 square feet.


It is important to mention that the plant received the Clean Industry certification a few months ago by PROFEPA.  Likewise, it has the ISO 9001 certification, being the first plant of the division in being certified with the new 2015 version, as well as with the ISO 14001, in addition of having different internal corporate recognitions, such as the Eaton Business System.