According to the International Labor organization (ILO) of the 1 billion people with disabilities in the world, at least 785 million is of working age, this means 15 % of the current population.


In Mexico, until 2014, people with disabilities accounted by 7.2 million, what represents 6 % of the total population; in Queretaro the prevalence is the same than nationally, 6 %.


People with disabilities are one of the most vulnerable groups regarding its integration to the labor market; therefore companies, institutions and the government are implementing public policies that allow people with disabilities having access to productive jobs with labor favorable conditions.


In this sense, with the objective of generating the mechanisms required for information exchange and to promote training for the inclusion of people with disabilities into the labor market; the national president of the Social Responsibility Committee Index, Enrique Casto Septien, fulfilled a collaboration agreement with the Ministry of Labor.


“In order to encourage this culture, increase the strength this sector has in the State, we integrate companies that have great recruitment capacity in all levels, because unfortunately a disability can be generated at any moment and affects all social levels, for this having a job is indispensable,” said Enrique Castro.


This agreement will be to support the “Business Talent and Training Center” (CCTE, by its Spanish initials) which is part of the social responsibility program of Index that started operations in 2016, it has its facilities in Queretaro and the fifth generation of students is about to be started, where they are trained for daily and labor life.


“In Queretaro is where I found more support, but mainly, greater acceptance and society commitment, this program we are announcing publicly for it to have more diffusion will have a great challenge because many resources are required,” said Castro Septien.


The economic participation rate that represents population with disabilities of 15 years of age and more that have a job, or that is trying to enter the labor market is of 39.1 %


The exporting Industry in Queretaro is formed by more than 250 companies, there are more than 2 million 800 thousand workers and more than 6,500 establishments that moved them to open the Center and promote labor inclusion in the State.


“We need participation, the program is mature, 10 years ago this madness was born and right now we have grown, we need companies to dare including workers trained with us, to approach if the company needs some specific profile to train it, we do that,” said Hector Aguilar, president of Index Queretaro.


In our country of 100 people with disabilities, 39 is because they had some illness, 23 are affected because they are elderly, 16 acquired it by inheritance (during pregnancy or at the moment of birth,) 15 remained with an injury from an accident and 8 due to other causes.


One of the benefits from the CCTE program, Rocio Frausto, acknowledged that unemployment is the biggest barrier people with disabilities face, from there the importance that the agreement signature has between the Ministry of Labor and Index, who seek the implementation of public and social policies that allow this sector access to productive jobs and with favorable labor conditions.


“People with disabilities face three situations: physical dependency, our health and the most frustrating, lack of jobs, as the majority of disability cases are acquired in adulthood and have the responsibility of supporting a family,” she shared.


Inclusive Companies


For Harman Queretaro is very important the people with disabilities labor inclusion, positive effects had been generated in the people hired as well as the company as it increases their productivity, economy and competitiveness.  That is why they work together with Index to train their inclusive personnel and provide job opportunities.


In April 2011, through the Ministry of Labor and Social Security started the process to acquire the distinction “Inclusive Company;” they gathered it in December 2012, in 2015 and 2016 they were certified again.


Since 2013, with the help of the National Employment Service, participate in the “Job fair for people with disabilities and elderly adults;” are part of the network of inclusive companies in the state and 3 % of the workforce from Harman is formed by inclusive people.


“The benefits for people with disabilities are unmatched, their lives change dramatically, they start being independent and in terms of company we improve the labor environment, we generate the sense of belonging and we can encourage our colleagues skills when talking about hiring a people with disabilities,” said Monica Spota, manager of Human Resources at Harman Queretaro.


Currently at the plant there are 34 people with some disabilities and is generating synergy with federal, state and municipal authorities to increase inclusive population in the company.


“In 2014, at corporate level was released the policy of “Inclusion and Diversity in the Company,” the commitment of the direction is important even more if it comes from the parent company.  This business strategy really seeks promoting and build a diverse job force from talent attraction in recruitment and training,” said the Human Resources manager.


Queretaro, working for labor inclusion


The Ministry of Labor is fulfilling actions to promote job opportunities for vulnerable groups; in these two years have served 3 thousand 463 job seekers with disabilities and elderly adults, of which 1,081 people were included in the labor market.


To achieve their stay in labor centers, last year was settled the Evaluation and Skills Center (VALPAR, by its Spanish initials) where 253 peoples with disabilities and elderly adults were certified according to their talents, and this way the interest of 44 companies was arose that today are applying inclusive policies.


“There is still much to do, however, any effort to eradicate labor exclusion has to be recognized and, mainly replicate it at the work centers that today are playing a very active role in society,” said Jose Luis Aguilera, Labor secretary.


The state official said that for the companies labor inclusion is very important, when a company includes a worker with disabilities in their organization, they not only generate a positive effect in the hired person, but that also provides uncountable advantages such as productive, social and economic reflected in a competitiveness increase.


On its part, the National Employment Service is working in the “Open Spaces” program, same that has placed 256 people and served 2,900 more.  At the “5th Job fair for people with disabilities and elderly adults,” 400 vacancies were offered.

“Currently we are working with 32 companies, our objective is that all people with some disability approach us, we will see which are the disabilities and thus we can include them in a work space,” said Jose Alberto Torres, director of the National Employment Service.


The transformation sector, automotive and aerospace are the ones promoting labor inclusion in Queretaro with companies as: Jafra, Industrias Ferroplasticas, Harman, Electronica Clarion, “Pan Q Ayuda,” PPG Industries, Mitsubishi, Hi-Lex Mexicana, Autoliv, Indorama Ventures Polymers, General Electric, JLM, Crown, Pilgrim´s, to mention a few.