The German company Mann + Hummel, which for 14 years operates in the State, opened its new plant at the Queretaro Industrial Park aimed to strengthen and promote its operations in Queretaro territory.


“It is an honor for me to be here with you celebrating the opening of the second manufacturing plant in Queretaro and third if we count the distribution operations we have been doing for less than a year at the Bernardo Quintana Industrial Park,” said Raul Suarez, vice-president and general director of the company in Mexico.


The investment for this second Mann+Hummel plant has which has more than 60 years on the market was of 300 million pesos, this amount was invested in the company in 2017 and part of this 2018.


This second plant of 6,500 meters of construction will generate 150 new jobs and there it will be produced 15 million filters per year, from which some will be exported to China, Japan and the United States, as well as to other parts of Mexico.


“In the road we have found too many Mexican employees which are our most appreciated position,” said William Liacone, vice-president of Mann+Hummel America region.


While Manfred Wolf, member of the executive council of Mann +Hummel talked about the work of the company around the world and highlighted that the work being made in Queretaro strengthens the company’s competitiveness.


“Mann+Hummel are an international company with many locations in European countries and today we are expanding our business to South America, in Central America and North America.  Moreover, we are moving in many Asian countries, last year in South Avrica and we have achieved a small factory in Australia.  Now in Latin America and through these plants we will have approximately 15,000 employees more that will join the group,” said Wolf.



It is important to mention that this company has about 20,000 collaborators in 70 venues around the world, more than 1,000 researchers and developers and more than 3,000 patents, with incomes of 4,000 million Euros.


At the opening ceremony Mann+Hummel made the delivery of a donation for the Casa Hogar Puerta Abierta IAP which was received by Constanza Duran from the hands of Manfred Wolf.


Meanwhile, the governor of the State, Francisco Dominguez, thanked the company for endorsing their confidence in the entity.


“Many thanks for your trust because this second plant will remain here in the State’s Capital and I am sure its workers will reflect it in pure profits,” he commented.


The state official informed that for the third trimester of 2017 the Ministry of Economy reported that the State received 178.2 million dollars of German investment, this means, and 66.3 % of the German fluxes in the country.


At the same time the governor also announced that currently the State houses 188 German companies, while during the period from January to September last year, Queretaro was the biggest receiver of German origin investment in the entire country.