Next September 4th, 5th, and 6th, at the Congress Center Queretaro (QCC, by its Spanish initials) will be celebrated the Expo Industrial and Commerce Summit Queretaro 2019, which will allow micro, small and medium local and from the Bajio regional entrepreneurs to exhibit their products and services aiming to develop national supply chains.


The event, which will be using 6,400 square meters of exhibition, will have 331 exhibitors in the industrial, commercial and technological pavilions.


Within this framework will take place a multisectoral approach business summit in which will participate the Competitiveness Center of Mexico (CCMX, by its Spanish initials,) the Automotive Cluster and the Supply Chain Industry in Mexico (CAPIM, by its Spanish initials;) as well as a job fair together with the Ministry of Youth (SEJUVE, by its Spanish initials) and of Labor (ST, by its Spanish initials) said the head of the Ministry of Sustainable Development (SEDESU, by its Spanish initials) Marco Antonio del Prete Tercero.


The state official underlined that as a result of the 2018 edition they had the participation of 328 exhibitors, from which 28 were commercial, 250 industrial and 50 technological; as well as a total of 5,459 visitors and about 4,000 business appointments within the business summit.


At the summit presentation was also present the vice-president of CANACINTRA, Joel Molina Viveros; the CANACO president, Carlos Habacuc Ruiz; of the CCMX director of Institutional Affairs, Juan Carlos Ostolaza Cortez; and of the Automotive Cluster Queretaro president, Renato Villasenor Mendoza.



The expo summit announcement was celebrated within the framework of the Third Supply & MRO Forum.  According to SEDESU projections, during this forum were settled investments on business appointments of about three thousand 500 million dollars.


CAPIM national coordinator, Rene Mendoza Acosta, announced that the forum agenda included 1,408 business appointments, in which 176 supplying companies from 16 States of the Country participated, with 42 buying companies from 10 States; “our function is to support national suppliers so they can generate business.”


Del Prete Tercero underlined the initiative and enlisted different growth figures reported by the main productive sectors already developed in the entity.


According to INEGI, in 2018 the manufacturing industry production value, compared with the year before, grew almost 5, reaching thus the figure of 281 thousand 18 million pesos.


The sectors that stood out the most were accessories manufacturing, electric devices, as well as plastic and rubber Industry; while the industries that produce the most in the state are the ones of auto-parts, chemistry and food manufacturing.