Queretaro opens its industrial real estate market to the world; 32 projects arrived in 2018


The State of Queretaro has stood out for having investment attraction strategies focused on the strengthening of regional value chains; on the other hand, the carried trade missions are considered as an effective tool, since they allow promoting the activities and production of the local productive plant in the international sector.

According with figures provided by the Ministry of Economic Development in the State of Queretaro, only in 2018 were achieved a total of 32 concreted projects with an investment amount of 5 thousand 300 million pesos, what generates 14 thousand 29 jobs.

Andres Lomelin, director of the firm Colliers International Bajio, said that in 2018 its market absorption was between 350 and 400 thousand square feet, in class A and B industrial buildings,” we saw as always activity on region Bajio in the automotive sector, of new companies as well as the already established, we also detected an important growth in the logistics sector.”

 Colliers International has more than 25 years on the market, offering coverage in more than 70 countries worldwide, present in all important places of industrial real estate nationally, commercial and of offices.

“In the Bajio region we have monitored about 75 transactions as the most representative, this does not mean they are all, but they are the ones we considered as of more importance in volume, brand and square meters coverage,” said Andres Lomelin, director of the firm Colliers International Bajio.

Meanwhile, Francisco Eduardo Estrada Gomez Pezuela, senior vice-president of new businesses for the Bajio region of Corporacion Inmobiliaria Vesta, said that there was a great activity within the automotive sector in 2018, information technologies, as well as the aeronautical.

“We saw many German investment, from the United States as well as of the arrival of Asian companies, mainly Japanese and Chinese; today we can say Mexico continues to be an investment attracting pole.”


Through the coordinated work between state authorities, it is guaranteed that the arrival of new companies to the State, as well as the expansion of the existing ones, is in spaces that have services and facilities to develop their activities, and in turn retribute communities by making responsible use of natural resources of their surroundings, said Marco Antonio Del Prete, secretary of Sustainable Development in the State of Queretaro.

Del Prete detailed that from the 32 companies arriving to the state they include a territory of 499,307.09 m2

Likewise, he said that 2018 also represented a period of expansion, such is the case of already established companies and that continue trusting the State for their growth and development, fulfilling 10 expansion projects in 122,097.09 square meters.

Queretaro stands out for having a boom in industrial developments and parks, which has allowed the arrival of 22 new companies, which have being fulfilled seeking the productivity increase without depleting the environment, these acquired a total of 377,219 square meters.

According to Andres Lomelin, land pricing in the region has in fact had important increases throughout the last years, not so rents.

Leasing – he said – has kept in some way, stable, that allows and encourages the arrival of companies and maintains competitiveness in the region, leasing rates are between 3.50 and 4 dollars by square meters per month.

Francisco Eduardo Estrada, senior vice-president of new business for the Bajio region of Corporacion Inmobiliaria Vesta, underlined that the entity has the advantage of a good offer on industrial developments, for sales as well as for leasing.

Also, he mentioned that real estate developers are well classified, offering spaces for micro and small industry, as well as for medium companies, having also land availability for bringing big projects of 80 to 100 thousand square meters and that they have suitable infrastructure.


Queretaro is characterized for being one of the friendliest States in terms of tramitology, facilitating the arrival of new companies and providing supports for the startup of new processes operations; that is why Queretaro’s growth has triggered in an accelerated manner.

Vesta has two types of products; existing industrial buildings for companies reach and began their settling process and in an approximate period of two to three months already have the entire necessary infrastructure to start their productive processes, and also tailored projects, which take about six to eight months to be build, install constructive process and began operations.

“These are record times compared with other countries around the world where eight months are probably eight months the ones needed to have a construction permit, while here in eight months we have the industrial building and they start the operation of their processes,” explained Francisco Eduardo Gomez.

Vesta has 60 thousand square meters available in Queretaro in addition of the capability of performing customized projects, likely they have territorial reserves to develop more than half million square meters during the next five years.


As of that momtent a natural trend will exist for those products of added value manufactured on the State, which will require facilities with a higher level of specialization.

In 2019, the Queretaro industry will be entering this new stage of Revolution 4.0, where technology plays a very important role, as well as communication and flexibility to develop specialized products.

“Today the infrastructure manufacturing companies will require connectivity from the point of view of efficient transmission of data in a very important way, since they will not be isolated entities throwing a specific product to the market, now we will be seeing manufacturing processes adapting to a demand of changing products,” said the senior vice-president of new businesses for the region Bajio of Corporacion Inmobiliaria Vesta.

In 2018, the company opened Vesta Park Queretaro, an Industrial Park thought-out to have the infrastructure required to receive this kind of companies which are massive users in data transmission, who require efficient systems of electric energy supplies and data transmission that satisfies their requirements.

Andres Lomelin, director of the firm Colliers International Bajio, said that for 2019 is expected a favorable trend contrasting with 2018: “as great scope industrial parks, we can say that there are about 25 already established and operating, and we see five or six projects of that same profile that are coming to start operations, in addition of this there are Business Park or Microparks, which are offering a product to SMEs, building with a small users profile and, in that sense, there is too much offer.  We see about 40 parks included on that niche.”

Finally, Marco Antonio Del Prete, secretary of Sustainable Development in the State of Queretaro, said that in business matters for 2019, there are 30 projects on portfolio, which represent an investment amount of pore than 5,600 million pesos and the generation of more than 13,000 jobs for the state.