Before the imminent application of NOM 035, which establishes “the elements to identify, analyze and prevent psychosocial risk factors, as well as promoting a favorable organizational environment in work centers,” the company Otium Care held the seminar “Work Wellbeing,” (Bienestar Laboral,) at Italian Commerce Chamber in Mexico Facilities – Chapter Bajio.

According to the obligations issued by such standards, which employers must apply, the implementation of a psychosocial risk prevention policy is considered that also observes the prevention of labor violence and promotion of a favorable organizational environment.

The commercial director of Otium Care, Ivanova Ramirez, highlighted the points to be taken into consideration to fulfill the guidelines, in addition of considering the benefits companies could have when establishing these conditions which improve their members’ labor environment.

With this, companies will achieve decreasing personnel turnover, disabilities, abstentions and labor risk, Ramirez added.

Luis Alberto Martinez, cofounder of Otium Care, referred to labor stress subject, which develops in different health issues, which are not always related to stress, but that can be hostile work environment symptoms.

“There are certain things, as disease factors, people will not tell you are caused by stress, but it is caused by this factor, stomach problems, headache, even exhaustion,” he underlined.

Figures shared by speakers, quoting data from IMSS, INEGI and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, show that 60 % of labor days are lost by stress; 36 % of collaborators said feel pressured at their workplace; 16 % reports labor violence, while 26. 3 % of women suffer gender discrimination.

When talking about NOM 36, which establishes “the elements to identify, analyze, prevent and control ergonomic risk factors in work centers,” Martinez underlined, quoting the same institutions that 60 % of workers do not have physical activity and 37 % reports sleep disorders.

To counterbalance and prevent these risks, speakers encouraged companies to assess the labor and personnel environment, aiming to generate indicators that allow them create a wellbeing program.

It has to include a nutrition scheme that involves their dinning and vending service, an ergonomic program and bio-activation, that allows them prevent and decrease work injuries.

Otium directives said that fines from failure in complying NOM 35 are from 26 thousand pesos to 535 thousand for company and event.

In addition, they said that in 2017 companies addressed 6,337 million pesos on work risk.