Visscher Caravelle, Netherland capital company opened its production plant to serve the automotive sector


Due to the economic growth and the industrial development experienced by the state of Queretaro, mainly encouraged by the automotive and aerospace sector, Dutch investors have showed interest to increase their presence in the region.

An example of that is the arrival of the Dutch capital company Visscher Caravelle.  The company addressed an investment of 358.8 million pesos to launch their production plant in the municipality of El Marques.

The Work Center of Visscher Caravelle Mexico is located at the Queretaro Innovacion Technological Park (PTIQ, by its Spanish initials) employs 500 people and anticipates reaching 1,000 collaborators.

Visscher Caravelle is a global supplier for the automotive industry, it is centered in the coating of floors and in the textile carpets supply for automobiles.  In Queretaro, they manufacture carpets and textile products for vehicles.

According with the projections from the sector, it is anticipated that Mexico will be producing 5 million cars for 2020.  It is anticipated that about 2 million automotive carpets will be manufactured by Visscher Caravelle.

Jacko Van der Stege, global operations manager of Visscher Caravelle, said that the opening of this new plant in Queretaro is a hallmark in the development of their manufacturing site for the USMCA area.

“We enjoy seeing our business grow, for us a prosperous business is about people and important relations.  We would like to build suitable relations within our team, with our commercial partners and inside the societies we are working.  Our impulse generates a positive impact in the automotive business community and in our employees’ life,”

He said that a suitable relation is not only about its own team, but also of commercial partners, customers and suppliers: “We would like to cooperate with them in a long term.”

Meanwhile, Pawel Kalinski, operations director for Visscher Caravelle Poland and Mexico, explained that they decided to settle in Queretaro due to its location, infrastructure and qualified workforce.

“I was traveling through Mexico to find the best place with good infrastructure and availability of qualified personnel, security and an industrial environment, that was what led us to decide,” he noted.

Among the main customers Visscher Caravelle has, the directive highlighted automotive brands such as BMW, Daimler, Ford and Nissan, among others.

“I share my interest, respect and admiration for Mexico with you.  My plan is to provide support for a successful scenario, create a safe place to work and that we all feel as part of this big family,” he said.

Meanwhile, Margriet Nieske Leemhuis, ambassador of the Netherlands in Mexico, explained that Visscher Caravelle is a company with tradition in textile making and has a network of production units in Holland, Poland, Australia, Malaysia and Mexico.

“Visscher Caravelle will employ and train almost 500 people, they have very important customers in the Bajio area, as in Queretaro, San Luis Potosi, Aguascalientes and Guanajuato, as well as in Puebla.  I believe Visscher will be very successful in Mexico,” he assured.



Moreover, Jacko Van der Stege, global manager of operations Visscher Caravelle, referred that one of the strategic plans currently being implemented has to do with the development of a solid local supply chain in the USMCA region.

This plan – he noted – includes a fourth factory on this site which will began operating by the end of this year.

“We will not stop growing and developing here, our strategy is to increase our operations and slowly expand our activities.  We believe this will make us progress and become a world leading company in solutions for automobiles and interior products,” he argued.

Regarding this, Pawel Kalinski, operations director for Visscher Caravelle Poland and Mexico, said that they are still on planning stage.

“We are trying to integrate the supply chain and bring more raw material production, those are the plans we will be developing, in 2020 we will be installing another factory that will be located in Queretaro,” he anticipated.



Holland is one of the most innovative countries and has found in Queretaro the ideal place to expand their presence.

Francisco Dominguez, governor of Queretaro, explained that the arrival of Visscher Caravelle strengthen the Netherlands capital in the entity since it represents 40 companies.

“From Queretaro is integrated the potential market of 5 million automobiles which will be produced by the Mexican automotive sector for 2020; the goal here is to manufacture two million carpets for automobiles per year,” he noted.

The automotive industry – he said – is the sector looking for competitive companies with the quality, innovation, development and sustainability.

According to data from the Ministry of Economy (SE, by its Spanish initials) during 2018, the foreign direct investment from the Netherlands in Queretaro reached 10.8 million dollars.

In the accumulate of 1999 by the end of 2018, Dutch investment in Queretaro amounts 330.8 million dollars.

Margriet Nieske Leemhuis, ambassador of the Netherlands in Mexico, remembered that about a one year and a half opened the business office in Queretaro, its objective is to facilitate the arrival of Dutch companies to the Bajio region.

“I would like that Mexico is known as a great country to undertake and together we have achieved highlighting the automotive sector,” he said.

At the opening event were present Gerardo Rodriguez, manager of the plant Visser Mexico; Steven Buter, representative of the Dutch Business Support Office; Marco Antonio Del Prete Tercero, secretary of Sustainable Development; Jose Luis Aguilera Rico, secretary of Labor; Fernando Gonzalez Salinas, general coordinator of the State Commission of Infrastructure among others.