Hector Miguel Urquiza Morales joined the lines of Richter de Mexico almost 11 years ago.  He got the opportunity through his today workmate Rigoberto, who worked in the general services area.


Hector, who was 19 years old then, was hired as an assistant who helped him entering the company, “I sweep floors and made gardening jobs,” remember the today maintenance Manager.


To reach the position he has now, Urquiza Morales had to walk step by step.  After helping in cleaning jobs, he became driver-messenger and then “they gave me the opportunity of being a maintenance assistant, I basically cleaned injectors, corrective maintenance and from there they gave me the responsibility, still as maintenance assistant, of everything related with ‘fine tuning’ molds, from changing and settle everything in ‘set up’.”


The next step he took it almost naturally.  For 4 years he works as a maintenance manager, as he has two people on his charge and where he coordinates the area, request spare parts and interacts with suppliers, besides answering production processes.


“The hardest challenge was to know what a processes adjustment is, adjust plastic pieces, as we have products that go for furniture packaging, to automotive pieces, living every day with plastic makes you face countless variables that have to be controlled in order for the final product having the same quality requirements,” he said.


Confidence, said Hector Miguel, has been the key factor to be promoted on Richter de Mexico organization.  Although he recognizes training and courses have been constant and important to maintain product quality standards and leadership from his position, he has been the support and security directives have offered him what has taken him to his current position.


“I arrived in the company on the 10th of September, three months after, at the end of year meal, I asked Victor Hugo for the opportunity (general director of Richter,) that if there was an opportunity to grow, to take me into an account, knowing that there were personnel with 3 or 4 years of experience than me, who deserved the opportunity first, but I talked with him, as I like challenges,” he shared.


The interviewee sees himself with a long future in the company, in which he does not get promoted until being general Manager; however, he would like to continue standing out in his responsibility areas which are maintenance and process adjustment.


Due to his dedication and performance, Hector was recognized during the Third Human Capital Forum organized by the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry of San Juan del Rio.

He, together with another six workers from different companies received an award in the formal ceremony.



Richter de Mexico, a company dedicated to molds manufacturing, production and machining of plastic pieces for the industry, started operations in 1984.  It currently has 102 workers.


Among its customers are Valeo, Mondragon Assembly, Peterson Spring, and Imbera, from the automotive sector, home appliances, and furniture.


The company has ISO 9000 certification and in a process to obtain the 14000, seeking to obtain automotive certifications in the upcoming years.

Name: Hector Miguel Urquiza Morales

Age: 30 years old

City of origin: San Juan del Rio, Qro.

Date of entrance: 2009

Initial position: General services assistant

Current Position: Maintenance manager