With an investment of 4 million dollars, the company HARMAN International, subsidiary of Samsung’s total property, celebrated the opening of its Design Center  R&D in the city of Queretaro, located inside the Empresalia campus.


This research and development center already houses 180 engineers in electronics, mechatronics, computer and electrical systems, specialized in software, hardware and testing; projecting to reach 250 collaborators before the end of 2018.  Their workforce focuses in 75 % to the Car Audio division where systems are developed for amplifiers and speakers for the automotive industry; while 25 % will be focused to the design of vehicles entertainment, as navigation, connectivity, Bluetooth applications and other aspects at the Connected Car division.


At the event were present directives from HARMAN International, such as Edward Moriarty, vice-president and general manager of Audio Automotriz de HARMAN for America; Miguel Hernandez, regional vice-president of HARMAN for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean; Abraham Garduno, Engineering director at Lifestyle Audio; among other executives of the firm.


“For more than 80 years, HARMAN has provided experiences of first quality audio to millions of customers around the world.  Experiences that excite, encourage and entertain our customers, setting the difference with most of the competitors,” said on his speech Edward Moriarty, mentioned in turn the developed brands: JBL, AKG, Harman Kardon, Infinity, Mark Levinson, among others “HARMAN has become a truly world organization, not only in sales but also in products development worldwide, including places as Europe, United States, China, Japan and now we are very happy to officially open our facilities in Queretaro,” said the directive of HARMAN.


Harman Mexico serves OEMs as Toyota, Subaru, Ford, General Motors, Lincoln, Chrysler, Harley Davison, among others.


The event was also attended, by HARMAN collaborators and as honor guest was present the governor of Queretaro, Francisco Dominguez Servien, as well as the head of the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Marco Antonio del Prete Tercero and the secretary of Labor in the State, Jose Luis Aguilera Rico.  There the state official mentioned that the manufacturing of transportation equipment generated 71 million pesos in 2017, becoming the most productive sector in the State and with a trend to rise, with a production value representing 26 % of the manufacture industry.


In exclusive interview with Mexico Industry, Miguel Hernandez, regional vice-president of HARMAN for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, said that most of the product they design and manufacture in Mexico is for the international market.  He said that as part of the acquisition of HARMAN from Samsung in 2017, they expect an investment increase for the R&D Center de HARMAN in the upcoming months, since the South Korean company addressed most of their resources to research and development.  “There is a closest collaboration between Samsung and us.  Samsung was already leader in enough areas and we give them something they did not had, today they own great world leading brands.”


He said that the accelerated growth they are having obligates them to expand the R&D Center HARMAN in facilities and hiring of new personnel.  Globally, HARMAN International has settled the objective of triplicating its incomes for 2025.


HARMAN is part of Empresalia; the largest complex of offices at the Bajio, this complex has an approach to different multinational companies.  Empresalia has 56 thousand m2 built 5 offices towers where are located about 38 Multinational Companies operating and more than 3,000 users.


Del Parque, Mexican company with more than 15 years creating real estate experiences, unique and incredible projects and more than 1 million m2 built, in 2011 Mexico City built Empresalia to create a renewed experience in work spaces.


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