Harman de Mexico confirmed its bet on Queretaro’s talent and workforce quality with the celebration of the first stage of their Center for Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing and Model Factory.


Almost eight years after the opening of their first electronic automotive manufacturing plant in Queretaro, Harman complements its operation line in Mexico and the region with this Center for Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing.


According to Miguel Hernandez, regional vice-president of Harman for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, thanks to this Center of Advanced Engineering can confirm that within a national and international context, Harman is already a key element in the design of new technology.


“Also, through our manufacturing capabilities settled in the country, we are increasingly important in a global context,” he emphasized.


“With an investment of 228 million pesos, in this first stage of the Project 360 new jobs will be generated, 11 in administrative areas, 135 engineers and 214 more in operative and auxiliary positions.


Center for Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing and Model Factory represents an expansion of 2 thousand 500 square meters, from 10 thousand 900 square meters.


Meanwhile, Miguel Hernandez said that Mexico has being defined in Harman as their operations base for the Central and Caribbean region.  He noted that they are committed to continue the development and investment in the country, place where they have found talent, commitment and a great team.




Mario Moreno, responsible of the advanced manufacturing engineering project from Harman Queretaro, underlined the importance of this Center of Advanced Engineering: “This moves us of manufacturing execution which is traditionally made in Mexico, it take us a step ahead in the value chain, now we are closer to product development, where design is made and decisions taken on cost and quality.”

He explained that they currently have 53 people in the team, which are actively managing projects, designing tests and software.  In addition, he said that the model factory is running prototypes that will be seen in cars in one or two years.


“This center supports the growing strategy of Harman and of having competitive products in the market and reliable processes that sustain our leadership,” he said.


Before the presence of host executives, as well as of authorities of the State of Queretaro and collaborators, Michael Mouser, executive vice-president and president of Audio Lifestyle Division of Harman, announced that the company broke a record as they reached 1.1 billion dollars in annual sales.


“We are very proud, this is the first time Harman reaches 1.1 billion dollars in annual sales and we will not stop here; the idea is to be a company of 20 billion dollars for 2025,” he said.


He explained that success depends on people, regardless the area in which they collaborate: “That is why Harman is committed with Mexico, because they have had that reciprocal level of commitment on each one of its collaborators.”


Later, the ribbon cut ceremony was held, it was attended by Daniel Jonas, senior vice-president of global manufacturing in Harman; Marco Antonio Gonzalez Miranda, vice-president of operations at Harman de Mexico in Queretaro; Francisco Dominguez Servien, governor of the state of Queretaro and Marco Antonio Del Prete Tercero, secretary of Sustainable Development of the State.




Harman will implement the advanced manufacturing engineering capabilities in Queretaro which are integrated by industrialization, new processes, prototypes design, tests development and introduction of new products based in industry 4.0, aiming to offer its customers new platforms and systems with the required standards.


Such technological expansion includes a validation laboratory for its products, which is optimized to fulfill all kind of testing: environmental, electromagnetic interference, dust exposure, accelerated aging, UV rays exposition, among others, turning it into one of the most complex and complete platforms in the country.


Harman designs and implements products and context solutions for automobiles manufacturers, consumers and companies of audio and video around the world, as well as solutions for business automation.