In order to celebrate 12 years of their beginning of operations, GSN called partners and customers to their Open House aiming to show their facilities and products in addition to offering conferences and demonstrations.

This Mexican-German company is mainly dedicated to providing high technical level services for sale, installation, and maintaining CNC machinery and manufacturing systems for the metal-mechanic industry.  Within its sales packages, they offer their customers the coverage of their guarantees, spare parts, rebuild and renovation of equipment when ending their useful life.

Agustin Barrera, general director of GSN in Mexico, explained that inside their new facilities they have administrative offices, sales space and a showroom area with technical information about exhibited equipment, as well as an area for rebuild and repair on a 700 square meters space open air that includes a traveling crane with capability of 15 tons.

They mainly work for the automotive sectors, followed by the aerospace industry, in addition to collaborating in some projects for the military industry together with the SEDENA.

“We are planning to open offices in the northern region in the future.  We currently cover from here in Queretaro, the entire Bajio, but there is also a strong part of the industry in the north such as Saltillo, Monterrey, Chihuahua.  We are thinking about opening a new office in the north soon,” said Agustin Barrera.

Germany is the country with more investments in Queretaro, with more than 200 million dollars, said Jorge Rodriguez, vice-president of COPARMEX Queretaro and National Advisor of COPARMEX, who was also present at the event.

“The automotive industry has generated that synergy and understanding with Germany, an example of that is that five States in the Country have signed the corridor of the Bajio Central Alliance,” he explained.  “We believe that the pressure of our neighbor Trump has awakened the interest of making business with other countries,” as Germany, the Netherlands, and Italy.

Regarding investments, the linkage between the industry and the academy has directly affected.  The Dual model implemented in Germany is an example that continues in institutions as the relationship between the Universidad Politecnica de Queretaro and the Automotive Cluster.  “The dual model COPARMEX and Germans have worked for more than three years is something that helps industries a lot in generating specialized technicians,” said the vice-president.

Cristino Pineda Martinez, director of MC Global del Potosi, technological partner of GSN, offered a talk about electromechanical development in the auto parts and aeronautic industry, “right now we need to encourage in many technical skills,” he said.

Siemens, Weisser, Heller, Knoll, Kasto, Mecatronix and Silberhorn also participated at the Open House.