With an investment of more than one billion pesos Grupo Hirschvogel Components dedicated to the production of steel and aluminum parts, opened its new plant in the municipality of San Juan del Rio which will generate more than 70 direct and indirect jobs.


“We are proud of being in Mexico to strength the company’s commitment with the country and the State.  We know that this is barely the first of many steps we will be giving here only for the next three years we expect to invest more than 450 million pesos in Mexico,” said Stephan Lutzenberger, CEO of Hirschvogel Components Mexico.


This new plant has its facilities equipped with the highest technology in an area of 20,000 square meters intended to the production of auto-parts for CV joints and transmission axis.  More than 100 employees in different turs work at the plant in different shifts and it is anticipated that more than 200 collaborators will arrive by the end of this year.


This company’s work distinguishes for being specialist in production and machinery forge, the Hirschvogel key competences are in the areas of fuel and diesel injection application, the motor, electric axis, as well as in the transmission, power plant and chassis in commercial cars and of passengers.  Another key focus is in parts for applications outside highways.


Working mainly for the automotive industry was the main reason to choose being settled in Queretaro as it has great solidity and growing opportunity for this sector.  “It was important for us to have presence in Mexico due to the strong automotive sector.  With this plant and the fulfilled investment we are sure that we could continue offering solutions to our customers,” Stephan Lutzenberger explained.


It is important to emphasize that Hirschvogel is an independent family company that has approximately 5,300 employees worldwide and whose total sales in 2017 exceeded the 1,167 billion euros.  The Group’s headquarters are located in Denklingen, in in Upper Bavaria.


Likewise Hirschvogel Umformtechnik GmbH and its parent company Hirschvogel Holding GmbH are located.  The group also has other three plants located in Schongau and in Marksuh in Germany near Eisenach.  On an international level Hirschvogel Automotive Group has presence in three continents: in Pinghu, near Shanghai (China,) in Columbus, Ohio (USA,) in San Juan del Rio, Queretaro (Mexico,) in Gliwice (Poland) and in Sanaswadi (India.)


With this new investment Hirschvogel will be expanding its presence worldwide and contributing to the country’s automotive industry with the supply of forge pieces and machined.


“Thanks for the effort and support for the construction of this plant, you have contributed to the fulfillment of this great project.  For us is it was important to have presence in Mexico due to the strong automotive sector.  With this plant and the investment fulfilled we are sure that we can continue offering solutions to our customers,” concluded the CEO of Hirschvogel Components Mexico.