GLN opens manufacture in Queretaro


Grupo GLN, located in Portugal, dedicated to the development and manufacture of high precision technical molds and injection of plastic parts, chose Queretaro to open its first plant outside its country. GLN Mexico is part of Gestmin, a Portuguese business group led by Manuel Champalimaud.


“GLN is pleased to have a comprehensive value chain, dominating the entire industrial process, from the conception of the mold, its manufacture, to the injection of plastic parts in the molds it produces and even in the repair and maintenance of the tooling” said Manuel Champalimaud.


With an investment of 2.5 million dollars and the generation of 20 jobs, in its first phase, the factory is expected to have a turnover of 2 million dollars by the end of the year.


“It is a sector of great expansion in Mexico due to the automobile industry, GLN counts on the experience, the technology and the innovation. We are fully confident that the turnover of the new factory will quickly reach five million dollars,” said Joao Bento, CEO of the Gestmin Group.


The facilities of the Portuguese plant will take place in the municipality of El Marques; it has a mold workshop and two injection machines, and it is expected that within three years they will have a growth that reaches the 11 machines.


It has the equipment and installed capacity for the maintenance of the molds that it uses, which gives it a competitive advantage, since it allows reducing the repair outside of Mexico.


“It was born from the vision and strength, it was not easy, but if it were it would not be so satisfactory, I want to thank our clients who gave us confidence and for that reason we are here and we made this investment,” said Jose Carlos Gomes, COO GLN Portugal.


It is a company that contributes significantly to the foreign direct investment of the State, as since 1999 there was no record of investment coming from this country.


“Mexico has one thing that no other country in the world has and that most countries want; it is a 4,000 kilometer border with the world's most powerful economy. It is an experience that is generating results that nobody, probably hoped, Mexico and Portugal are two countries of different sizes and cultures, but which are coming together in the economic world,” said Jorge Roza de Oliveira, ambassador of Portugal in Mexico.


GLN has been part of the Gestmin Group since 2014, exports about 75 % of its total production and is divided into four business areas: “GLN Molds” and “Famolde,” which are dedicated to the production of technical molds. Last was acquired in 2016 and complements the existing market segments in the GLN Group; “GLN Plast,” dedicated to the injection of technical plastic parts; and “GLN Innov,” which develops integrated projects.


“With decades of experience and a constant commitment to technological innovation, GLN has become a reference on a European scale, both in technical molds of high precision and performance, and in the injection of plastic parts. The development of the automotive sector in Mexico is a unique opportunity for the internationalization of the business and a bet the group for new geographies, such as the American continent,” said Joao Bento.


About Grupo Gestmin


It was created in 2004 by Manuel Champalimaud. It is a 100 % Portuguese family group with interests in several business areas committed to sustainable and diversified structures in the energy, logistics, food, mold and plastics, tourism and agroindustry.


Through Gestmin SGPS, the group also participates in the share capital of PSI 20 and is currently the largest shareholder of CTT, Correos de Portugal SA.


The Grupo Gestmin is committed to tradition, ethics, solidity and excellence, with the mission of creating sustainable value for present and future generations.