With an investment higher than 130 million pesos, the German company Siemens, started its new production line of Low Tension Engines Control Center, which obeys the expansion of its operations within its plant located in the Balvanera Industrial Division.


The new production line is dedicated to the manufacturing of last technology low tension boards, which will be addressed to the international market, this means, 70 % of its production, will be exported to the United States, 10 % to other areas of the world such as South America and Asia; and only 20 % for the national market.


At the opening ceremony was present CEO Siemens Mexico and Central America, Louise Koopman Goeser, who informed that with the opening of this new production line, Siemens confirms its commitment with the development of the manufacturing sector in Mexico.


“With this new investment and the startup of this new production line, the Factory of Siemens Balvanera has as an objective to increase its production in 110 % and achieve the increase of its income in up to a 30 %,” informed Louise Koopman.


He added that the Balvanera factory in Queretaro, will increase its production of high technology equipment which offer safety, efficiency and digitalization, for an optimal control of high performance automated plants of the main industries in the country such as energetic, mining, food and beverages; and automotive.


She underlined that with the opening of the two new production lines will be generated 240 new jobs in Queretaro, 50 % of recently graduated engineers; same that will be added to the current workforce which is higher than 500 jobs.

On his part, Alejandro Preinfalk, vice-president of Energy Management, Building Technologies and Mobility of Siemens Mexico and Central America, commented in an interview that the boards of the new production line will be addressed to the industrial sector of the food and beverage sectors, mining, oil and gas, automotive plants and aerospace.


“It is equipment that works to automate processes, to move and control engines, production lines or transporting bands or cranes. Which are the brains controlling the production, energizing the different cycles process.  Is the equipment that controls the production in this Engine Control Centers has the intelligence to do more automated process,” Alejandro Preinfalk explained.


He mentioned that currently are made 7,000 cabinets, but with the new line it is expected to reach 14,000 units in the next six months.


Siemens has more than 120 years of presence in Mexico, with manufacturing plants in Monterrey, Ciudad Juarez, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Guanajuato and Queretaro.  With this operations expansion, it consolidates the energy sector in Mexico, since according to company’s estimations, half of the electric energy distributed in our country goes through Siemens equipment and 25 % of the electric generation is made with Siemens equipment.


Currently, the Balvanera plant has annual sales of 1,500 million pesos and the production of electric equipment in this Factory; it is mostly exported to other regions, having as a goal to increase in 61 % the local purchase volume.


As an honor guest was present the governor of the State of Queretaro, Francisco Dominguez Servien; the secretary of Sustainable Development, Marco Antonio del Prete and the municipal president of Corregidora, Mauricio Kuri Gonzalez.