Dow, American company, celebrated 10 years of having opened their plant to join the chemical sector of the State and for offering solutions to five markets: coating, paint primer, adhesives, microbiological control and construction industry.


“For more than 120 years worldwide and after six decades of presence in Mexico, Dow has acquired the relentless commitment of supplying through science the best technologies and solutions to solve society’s problems,” said during the celebration Luis Iza Ludlow, commercial director of the coating business for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.


Meanwhile, the global leader of operations from the coverings business, Ronnie Roach, recognized the work and achievements of the plant by having almost a decade without accidents.


“We are proud of the efficiency of this plant in taking our product together with the customer.  When you place things together it is not surprising to be here celebrating 10 years and let us celebrate also the future growth,” said Ronnie Roach, global leader of operations in the covering business.


During these ten years, Dow has fulfilled significant investments in Queretaro from 600 million pesos as initial investment to 165 MM in processes improvement and 100 MM in expansion, contributing also to the State with about 400 direct jobs and 120 indirect ones.


Dow Queretaro represents 65 % of the total production volume in Mexico, 17 % of sales in our country and 2.7 % of the volume production worldwide.


Additionally, Dow distinguishes for having a technologies portfolio, which serves the different value chains to promote initiatives in the industry, having also a laboratory of applications dedicated to provide infrastructure and housing solutions.  In this laboratory are produced more than 90 technologies and are developed up to 4 innovations per year.


It is important to remember that the chemical Industry is the third sector that provides the most to the manufacturing production value and it is the ninth with more growth percentage in the State, only in 2017, 30,937 million pesos were produced what represent an annual increase of 18 % regarding 2016.


So far this year the chemical sector has produced about 8 billion pesos during the period from January to March with a growth of almost 1 %.  Likewise the chemical industry represents 3.5 % of the total production from the State’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP.)