Cormac Industrial is a family company of American – Irish origin born in 2014 when the Material Management Business Unit from a very important Robotics, Welding and Tool Integrator separated in Mexico.  A company founded in Mexico 42 years by Harry Patton.  The part of materials management of the group and its brand ErgoProsys separated to dedicate to the manufacturing of ergonomic industrial solutions in the municipality of San Juan del Rio


“We manufacture aluminum rails systems, that support from one thousand to two thousand pounds load, depending on the configuration with gantry cranes and is addressed to the industry in general, especially the metal-mechanic, automotive, home appliances manufacturers, construction equipment manufacturers,” said James Patton, general director of the company.


In addition of aluminum rails systems, with their trolleys and hangars, Cormac also dedicates to the manufacturing of pneumatic rockers arms, pneumatic scissor tables with a capability of 3000 to 4000 pounds, lift, flag-type arms, articulated arms, anti-torque arms, rail trolleys, custom made Air Tractors for rails and manipulators.  We have designed and manufactured more than one thousand manipulators in the last 25 years.


Cormac Industrial has 46 employees including 15 engineers.  All our products were developed by us and manufactured in this plant.  We have sales distributors in the entire Mexican republic, Colombia and the United States.  We are developing a distributor for China.  Our customers include Nissan, Volkswagen, FCA Chrysler, American Axle, Magna and Navistar.


Cormac Industrial has a plant of one thousand meters of plant floor, 250 meters outside the painting area and has 200 meters for offices.  It distinguishes for using mainly Queretaro components and raw material in its production.  We have a Cutting area including one of Water-Jet, machinery area with lathes and milling CNC, Welding and Manufacturing Area, Paint Area with Paint Furnace, rails and trolleys assembly area, hanging scaffolds assembly area, table and arms assembly area.  Manipulators testing and assembly area.


“For the other components not manufactured in the plant, we have close suppliers, who make our components by casting, everything under our design, we own those designs,” said the director of Cormac Industrial.


“We are shipping rails almost every day.  Other product are articulated arms, pneumatic tables, jib arms as the one we have in the plant, which are flag arms and we are weekly shipping that equipment,” he said.


On the Cormac human capital subject in addition of bonding with institutions such as CONALEP and the Technological University, it has 46 workers.


“We are a Mexican company of American – Irish capital and we are very proud of the team of workers that we have and that have collaborated with us for almost 34 years,” James Patton concluded.