Within the framework of the 53rd Annual Assembly and the Commitment of the Directive Committee 2019, COPARMEX held their activities report 2018, in the facilities of the Universidad Aeronautica en Queretaro (UNAQ.)


During the ceremony were present Lorena Jimenez Salcedo, president of COMPARMEX Queretaro; Jose Medina Mora Icaza, National vice-president of COPARMEX; and Francisco Dominguez Servien, governor of the state of Queretaro.

“We businessmen are called, today more than ever, make a community, build citizenship, contribute to the development and preserve the environment,” said Lorena Jimenez during her intervention.


Within the educational area, she said that as part of the linkage tasks they fulfill, COPARMEX Queretaro seeks to build an agenda approach with the Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro (UAQ,) as “it is priority to link COPARMEX members with the institution to strengthen collaboration in innovation matters, technology, health, entrepreneurship, and research.”


She explained that the dual formation model COPARMEX “allows students train in the classroom, but also in daily labor practice of future employment,” underlining that participants went from being eight to form a group of 26 students from CECyTEQ and CONALEP who are already trained in eight companies.


“Together with the Education Commission of COPARMEX and the Commission of Young Entrepreneurs we will continue promoting and fulfilling forums in favor of students with short-term issues such as what did in the Universidad Anahuac, in the Tecnologico de Monterrey, in UTEQ and UAQ.”


Likely she said that the Confederation has followed-up the works being done regarding mobility, safety, economic development, social development and touristic development, undertaken in the municipalities of Queretaro such as Corregidora, El Marques, Pedro Escobedo, San Juan del Rio, Huimilpan and Colon.


Finally, she talked about the signing of Center-West signing, noticing that it is about a “bet on regional synergy that will allow consolidating competitive capabilities of this corridor towards Mexico and the World,” since the States that integrate it – Guanajuato, San Luis Potosi, Aguascalientes, Jalisco and Queretaro – are economies with eight years of growth that 85 thousand formal jobs during the first quarter of 2019: “This means that the region today is a model of economic development to be followed in the country,” the president said.


Finally, as a witness of the Annual Assembly, Francisco Dominguez Servien recognized that his administration shares with the business sector a professional agenda centered in the country’s challenges.  He underlined that the best way of concreting a powerful economic growth lies in making an alliance with the private sector for investment.


Moreover, “we have to encourage the emerging of thousands of businessmen.  Providing young people the opportunity of being interns is very good; giving them the opportunities of being entrepreneurs, is even better,” said the governor.