Assisted and automatic driving technology to be created in Queretaro for the world


Continental Mexico opened its first Research and Development Center in the State, reasserting their position as a key player in the construction of future mobility, focusing in the creation of technologies oriented to automatic diving, detection of blind spots, pedestrians, cruising danger, as well as alerts of objects around the vehicle and more


The big event was attended by directives from Helmut Matschi, member of the Council at Continental, as well as the director of the Research and Development Center of Continental Mexico, Jorge Vazquez Murillo; in addition of the director of Technology from Continental Corporate, Kurt Lehmann and Samir Salman, executive director of Continental North America.


Among other authorities present were: Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, secretary of Economy, in representation of the president of the United States of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto; the governor of the State of Queretaro, Francisco Dominguez Servien; Rogelio Garza Garza, undersecretary of the Industry and Commerce from the Ministry of Economy; Marco Antonio Del Prete Tercero, secretary of Sustainable Development of the State of Queretaro and Enrique Correa Sada mayor of Queretaro.


Continental develops smart technologies to transform people and their goods, being considered as one of the largest suppliers of the automotive industry, which operates 550 manufacture plants, research centers and testing floors in 61 countries, Continental Mexico has 19 plants, a finance center, a sales office and a research and development center, employing more than 24,000 people directly, consolidating as a fundamental piece of the automotive sector in our country.


The director of the Research and Development Center in Continental Mexico, Jorge Vazquez Murillo said: “The only way of predicting the future is to start building it in the present.”  The building has 10,000 square meters, will generate more than 1,100 jobs in a term no longer than 5 years, with an investment of 50 million euros, it calls itself “the place of the future to work,” which has electronic laboratories and of automobiles with the highest technology, spaces that encourage innovation and creation of new ideas, in addition of places dedicated to art and recreation of their workers.

“What is taking place here, impacts the rest of the world, from here and from today, we are creating future mobility, with Mexican talent, we want to be the triggering part of the country’s mobility, that the ecosystem of the area, be forefront in new industry trends, and thus achieve Queretaro consolidates the engine of technological innovation in the industry,” said Jorge Vazquez.


Vazquez Murillo called on the entire talent in Mexico, reaffirming Continental as the best option to develop technologies from the conception of a new idea, until its materialization in a global market, all that living the four corporate values of Continental, which are: passion for winning, freedom to act, confidence and team spirit.  “Welcome to the place where past paradigms are broken and where innovations come alive, welcome to the place where we are building the future,” he ended.


During his participation, the executive director of Continental in North America, Samir Salman talked about the creation of new technologies, “Have you think how cars will be in the future? I can tell you that our future for new drivers pretends all qualities and accessibility; the car will be connected to the environment, will be connected to other cars and will be connected with infrastructure.  The car of the future will be driven with renewed energy and environmental friendly,” Samir said.


The Research and Development Center of Continental in the State, is a national reference of technology and future for the electronic automotive industry.  Its opening consolidates Queretaro as talent epicenter, knowledge and innovation, it is one of the three most important center of Continental worldwide, Francisco Dominguez Servien said on his speech.



In a press conference, was informed that the company has more than 20 agreements signed with universities of the entire country, “we are in Queretaro to take advantage of the great quality of the students of the State, there is great concentration of researchers, and that generates high expectation regarding the preparation of those students; every year we include about 210 students in different programs, with the aim of them see Continental as a window to world technology, through which needs are observed, solving problems that are just shaping, we would like to make the learned engineering generate something transcendental, through the development of products and systems,” said Jorge Vazquez Murillo, director of the Research and Development Center in Continental Mexico.


Likewise, Continental Mexico announced their alliance with the Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro, through which a new testing track, which has an extension of 500 meters long by 30 meters wide, allowing fulfilling tests for advanced systems of driver assistance and automatic driving, such as lane change and parking assistance, turning it into a fundamental piece for future mobility being built by Continental since today.