Aiming to establish the general bases on work lines defined at the beginning of his administration, Jose Guadalupe Roman Flores, president of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (CANACINTRA, by its Spanish initials) in San Juan del Rio, confirmed his commitment with education by signing a collaboration agreement with Grupo Educativo IMEI.


“A high percentage of our members request direct linkage with educational institutions, we know it is a tool to increase specialized human capital availability; this kind of collaborations represent a support bridge to bring higher educational matters closer to the industry,” he said.


Likewise, Roman Flores highlighted the results obtained in employment matters, which were achieved thanks to the support of educational institutions.  Said that during the first trimester 2019, they had a publication of 690 vacancies, with a total of 103 companies per month, offering their jobs through CANACINTRA SJR.


“The commitment for upcoming months will be to contribute in hiring our SJR professionals within the region Industry,” he said.


It is worth mentioning that for its first stay’s session, the Chamber had the participation of 13 companies and received more than 300 professional future.


Meanwhile, Berenice Villasenor Cortes, director of Grupo IMEI, said that the 480 hours that belong to social service could be fulfilled by students in public and private institutions, providing them the possibility of having labor scope at the end of their education.


“We are seeking to approach the Industry, see which are their needs and prepare students correctly to reach suitable places,” said Berenice Villasenor.


Finally, she said that through this agreement will be offered several scholarships, which will benefit all companies associated with CANACITRA SJR, this aimed to workers as well as their families have the opportunity to develop professionally; likewise, the opening of specialized courses focused on industry needs will be held.