Among the companies requiring moving their executives to different places in the country and around the world, the second most important expense, after payroll, are business trips.


In that sense, the decision of having a Travel Management Company (TMC) has to start with an evaluation of the internal team skills, as the number of people traveling, tensions and decontrol begin.


With this in mind, Corporate Travel Services (CTS,) Mexican company specialized in business travel management, offers products that provide savings to companies without compromising quality in services.


“We adapt to operative and commercial needs to provide a differentiated service, oriented to quality to cover all business angles,” said TMC, representative of Travel leaders Group in Mexico, the largest travel agency company in the United States, present in more than 90 countries.


With more than 20 years of experience and more than 600 collaborators, CTS operates under three fundamental guidelines: helping companies visualizing the benefits and opportunities of their Business Travel Program; offering strategic supervision and negotiation with suppliers such as airlines, hotel chains and car leasing companies, and focus efforts on that business travel investment complies customers’ general objectives.


“Moreover, we have technological platforms and support from the best systematization self-reserve Online suppliers for the best flow of traveling requesting process, massive consolidation in CFDI repository (with storage guaranteed for five years) and monthly BI reports (Business Intelligence,)” underlined the company on a release.


Likewise, those traveling through CTS have the new tool TL Connect, which, without additional charge, sends text messages with complete information regarding flights.