Bosch installs its first plant to produce automotive steering components


The German company, Robert Bosch officially started operations in the Aerotech Industrial Park with a plant specialized in automotive steering components.


With this fact, the world leader in technology and services will be contributing the generation of 500 new jobs when the plant reaches its maximum production in 2020, with a total investment of 80 million dollars.


This opening is a reflection of Bosch's continued commitment in Mexico, as it increases the capacity of the German firm to meet the needs of the automotive sector in the North American market. It is anticipated a growth in operations in the plant’s.

“This is the first plant in Mexico for the Bosch Automotive Steering division, with its construction we once again confirm our confidence in Mexico, bringing new divisions and creating business opportunities. From now on, we welcome the new Bosch partners,” said Rene Schiegel, president of Robert Bosch Mexico.


He indicated that with this new plant, Bosch already has 12 locations with presence in our country, which is an example of the growth and firm step since his arrival in Mexico more than 65 years ago.


“The product that will be produced here will add value to the automotive line in Mexico, not only for Bosch but also for the country. Up to now, Bosch has been able to do two things in terms of bodywork: accessing and braking, making our products here in Mexico; but that would only be walking in a straight line. With this plant are completed the genetic elements of the car that Bosch can provide,” said the director.


The vice-president of the Bosch Automotive Steering Division, Hanns Brend Ketteler, expressed his approval on behalf of the highest levels in the company. He indicated that several months ago they made the decision to establish the plant in Mexico, choosing Queretaro for two reasons:


“First, we want to be as close as possible to our international customers and secondly we want to establish a highly dedicated plant in technology and innovation. It means that Queretaro will become a very important part and I could say that it is going to be one of the most important parts of the transmission business, this is not only a great opportunity but also a challenge, if we try to see that right now is a multi-functional plant that is what has happened in recent months and see what it has achieved and especially to see the highly motivated team here in Querétaro, I am absolutely convinced that you will do it,”


For his part, Kevin W. O'Keefe, regional president of the Bosch Automotive Steering division in North America, underlined the motivation of the associates to work in the new plant. “This location represents the other sites and we will all be committed to their promise, I can guarantee it, because in the end their success is our success. The success is worldwide, what follows is to work very strongly as a single community and we will commit ourselves to each other,” he said.


While, the director of the plant, Jeeva Kumar, said that the new facilities are the conclusion of many dreams in one and showed its approval by our country. “I was looking for inspiration to build this new plant. What I quickly realized is that I did not have to look for it; it already was around us in all of Mexico. What Mexico has to offer the world is wonderful and unique,” he said.


The opening ceremony was attended by executives and associates from different parts of the country, as well as the governor of Queretaro, Francisco Dominguez Servien; the secretary of Sustainable Development, Marco Antonio del Prete; the mayor of Colon, Jose Alejandro Ochoa and the ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Mexico, Viktor Elbling.


In his message, Francisco Dominguez, thanked Robert Bosch's managers for installing their first plant in Queretaro, highlighting that their arrival will confirm the development of the state auto parts industry at the national level.


He highlighted the strengths of Bosch where innovation is its main characteristic, so that growth will be in together with the State: “We are leaders in the development of technology and research, applying resources above the national average in these areas; we have industrial parks that meet the needs of industry 4.0; we are the economy that grows the most in the country; second place in employment growth at the national level. And fourth destination of the aeronautical investment worldwide,” he explained.


He mentioned that Queretaro stands out as the largest receiver in terms of the flow of capital of German origin. During the period from January to September 2017, 309.3 million dollars were invested. This German investment in the first three quarters of the year has increased 270 percent only with respect to total in 2016.


First level manufacturing

The new Bosch Automotive Steering plant has an area of more than 15,000 square meters, which houses the assembly operations for Dual Pinion Servotronic® power assisted components. This system allows the assistance function to the driver and consumes energy only when the driver turns the steering wheel, so when traveling in a straight line the energy tends to remain at zero, generating a decrease in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


They will promote local talent

The directors of Robert Bosch mentioned that the arrival of the company to Queretaro brings with it a series of opportunities to impulse the professional development of young people, since it will keep a link with public and private universities for the benefit of local talent.


They commented that one of the important initiatives of Bosch is to support the new generations through educational programs in agreement with State universities, which will continue sustaining the momentum of the triple axis, a consolidated model in Germany.


“Currently, in coordination with the Tecnologico de Monterrey, the German dual education system will be implemented to train engineering students, who, upon completing their training, will have the opportunity to be integrated into Bosch as associates,” said Jeeva Kumar, director of the Bosch Automotive Steering plant.


World-class company now in Queretaro

With the arrival of Robert Bosch, the State of Queretaro is consolidated as an investment destination for foreign capitals of any sector, which places their trust in human capital and the potential to grow their businesses.


It is worth mentioning that the Bosch Group is a leading global provider of technology and service, which employs around 390,000 associates worldwide, generating sales of 73.1 billion euros in 2016. Its operations are divided into four business sectors: Solutions of mobility, Industrial technology, Consumer goods and Energy, and Technology for construction. Robert Bosch and his 440 subsidiaries and regional companies have a presence in 60 countries.