The Universidad Tecnologica de San Juan del Rio (UTSJR) has Guanajuato assemblers on sight to link their students with stay programs and generate joint projects with these companies.

Bibiana Rodriguez Montes, rector of this institution, specifically talked about the intention of settling agreements with Mazda and Toyota, to whom Mechatronics, Industrial Maintenance, Productive Systems engineering, and even Information technologies could be attractive, which are included in UTSJR offer careers.

“We have an approach with assemblers settled in the state of Guanajuato, and we have collaborations (with other companies) where our students also attend to fulfill academic visits, they go to learn about the processes and we also have achieved that some students can enter to fulfill some stay time,” he held.

Currently, this university has about 80 valid agreements with companies and institutions in the region.

“All careers are pertinent, answer to the productive sector needs of the area and also to the expectations of our young people.”

The rector detailed regarding this that through stays programs, between 50 and 60 percent of university students achieve allocating on a job, therefore the synergy with the industry is the base of study plans restructuration.

Without providing further details, she also anticipated that they already have projects for two new educational programs, but its opening depends on resolutions and resources from the federation.


In this sense and aiming to strengthen collaboration relationships, of experiences and knowledge exchange, as well as jointly analyzing the educational environment subjects, was held the XXXIX Ordinary Session of the Central South Region of the National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions (ANUIES, by its Spanish initials) at the facilities of UTSJR.

Within the framework of this meeting, Bibiana Rodriguez invited the three government levels to redouble efforts, policymakers, and higher education institutions, to fulfill the third article reform, which established as a constitutional obligation, that the State guarantees higher education for all young people.

“Yes, more resources are required for education, and also have to be managed with higher efficiency and transparency. We have to coordinate efforts and programs that allocate resources intending to reach our institutional goals assuring the quality of education in our country.”

The president of the Central South Region of ANUIES and rector of the Universidad Autonoma de Hidalgo, Adolfo Pontigo Loyola, considered that “Mexicans’ hope is in young people looking for a competitive professionalization; their efforts are added up to reach the academic and intellectual dimension of the nation.”