Graduated from the Universidad Humanista from the bachelor’s degree in Communication with a specialty in Marketing and Advertising, Xochitl Yomara Galindo Terrones has molded a career of more than seven years in the marketing and advertising sector.  Currently, she is also studying basic Chinese, business, finances, a master’s degree in administration and English.

“I am currently working as a national marketing manager at Wispi.  Previously I worked in magazines, news and commercialization programs production, where I began my commercial career.  I have spent my time in contemporary dancing and teaching ballet classes where I developed important skills like empathy and how to teach.  I also worked in Cablevision and Izzi for more than 4 years,” said Xochitl.

Galindo assured that one of the triggers to get where she is now is having started from zero, as growing little by little helped her acquiring skills since the beginning of her career and learn step by step from her working experiences.

“Sometimes human beings have to live difficult things to learn.  Falling, going forward and seek your best version every day is an important part of life,” she added.

I recommend new generations be disciplined and not seek perfection, as she considered part of creative success are errors, as they help to grow and realizing each person has a way to create their own success formula and of work.

“Numbers feed us but we also have to work to favor the spirit.  If things are not born and feel, you are not growing nor evolving, you are only working to live.  The best thing is doing whatever fills you and thus you will not work a single day of your life.  Your office should make you feel at home,” she assured.

Finally, Galindo said she would like to retake the dance and continue dancing, as it is a hobby she likes and helps her gathering with new people and relax, and even, in the future, having her own academy.

“I thank my entire family who has always supported me, mainly my mother, although she is no longer here, she is always by my side; also my dad, who has worked a lot and made a lot of sacrifices for our family.  Sometimes you do not realize what you have and not our areas of opportunity. We must always try to find our best version,” she concluded.