Ternium Mexico recognized their national productive chain companies best performance in safety matters in the program “Safe Supplier 2018.”

The safety management system was assessed for a year in 133 companies, from these 21 resulted awarded with the recognition Safe Supplier 2018.  15 companies in Nuevo Leon, three from Colima and three from Puebla.  Three years ago the event initiated aiming to incorporate all Ternium suppliers into their safety system within the framework of the program already applied in the company.

Cesar Jimenez, executive president of Ternium in Mexico, said: “Safety is always first, for Ternium collaborators as well as for our suppliers.  Since 2016, we launched the program Safe Supplier, to strength and homologate our safety system in all our areas and plants.  Companies Martin Juarez Hernandez (Puebla) and Kal Tire (Colima) have won this distinction for three consecutive years and other five have won two consecutive years.”

Jimenez said that they seek for all their suppliers are inside the Good/Excellent category, for it to be a standard and are recognized with the distinction.
“We want our suppliers be inside the program and that this becomes essential to work in Ternium.  Our vision is to become the best safety practice in the industry safeness; be recognized as safety referent in the state and in all Mexico,” he assured.

Meanwhile on his message, Eduardo Cabello, Safety and Hygiene manager said: “In the three years of the Safe Supplier program we have important results, such as the increase from 35 % to 68 % of companies with good or excellent performance, decrease in risk rate, training of 19 thousand people on safety induction courses and the accreditation of 1,600 Safety Contractors Technicians.”

Ternium is a leading company in Las Americas which manufactures and process a wide range of steel products, with the highest technology, supplying customers from different industries such as automotive, construction, metal-mechanic, home appliances, containers, energy and transportation.