Ternium is getting ready the launching of new steels for 2019 and 2020, this was announced by Cesar Jimenez, executive president of Ternium Mexico, said that the lines will be of painting, galvanized and hot strip mill with an investment amount of 1.420 million dollars.


“The painting line, which will start operating on the first trimester next year, will be focused towards home appliances and household goods, we will have a new galvanized line similar to the one we launched in 2013 and by the end of 2020 the new hot strip mill will be ready; all this with the cutting edge technology to continue progressing in the development of products created in our research centers,” explained Jimenez.


The new steels will be intended mainly for the automotive sector, home appliances, equipment machinery; this means will be on track to the industry and construction.


He said that the personnel in charge of developing these new areas will be incorporated in the second half of the year to provide the required training to start operations of lines.


“With the incorporation of these new lines we will have 20 million tons in production; this means an increase of 25 %.  The production capability of the painting line is of 120 thousand tons, the one of galvanized is of 400 thousand tons and the heat production is of 4.1 million tons per year,” ended Jimenez.


On the other hand the executive president of Ternium Mexico made clear that the company is not feeling threaten by NAFTA negotiation and assured that he trust the advances the Federal Government has had in the negotiation, likewise, he said the company has all the capabilities to substitute any steel imported for the industry.