The Steel company will build a new hot rolling plant and a galvanized and paint line

The most important thing for the steel company Ternium are its customers and that is why it will invest in two new plants, which will promote the industrial sector in Mexico as well as in Colombia.

The company is planning to install a new hot rolling plant at its industrial center located in Pesqueria, Nuevo Leon, and built a new reinforcement corrugated bars in the northern part of Colombia.

The new hot rolling facilities that will be located in Mexico will constitute a significant improvement in the steel production capacity in the country, what will help promoting the economic development.

With a total investment of 1,140 million dollars, the new line will be operating in the second semester of 2020 and will have an annual capability of production of 3.7 million metric tons; however, it is expected than after starting operations it will increase its production capacity.

Regarding the next plant, the executive president of Ternium Mexico, Maximo Vedoya declared that “This new investment adds to the amount we announced some months ago for a galvanized and paint line which also will be installed in Pesqueria, therefore in total we are talking about 1,400 million dollars of investment in Nuevo León.”

“These new projects will be developed in Pesqueria and we estimate that the construction, in which about 4,500 people will be working, will last about three years,” Vedoya added, who also said that Ternium believes in Mexico and its people.

On its part, Ternium CEO, Daniel Novegil said that in addition of being proud for the investment in Mexico, they are also proud of the new steel bars production plant in Northern Colombia.

At the new plant straight bars and steel coils will be manufactured, 90 million dollars will be invested and it will have an annual production capacity of 520,000 metric tons.  The new facilities will be operating by the end of the second semester of 2019.



Ternium Mexico received for sixth consecutive year the Distinction Healthy Responsible Organization (ORS, by its Spanish initials) Stage Expansion 2.0, granted by Workplace Wellness Council (WWC) or Health and Business Wellness Council (CESyB, by its Spanish initials.)

This recognition distinguishes Ternium for its achievements and commitment with continuous improvement in health promotion and wellness favorable environments, at workplace.

WWC Mexico or CESyB is a private organization that promotes the encouragement of prevention and promotion of health self-care at workplace.

The ORS distinction measures success of promotion and health care programs at companies in the country.  Its objective is to generate healthier work environments, promote styles that increase workers’ life quality, in addition of preventing and decrease chronic-degenerative diseases rates (overweight, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol) very common today, due to proliferation of unhealthy habits.

This year Ternium was part of a group of twelve companies, in the category of more than 3,000 collaborators that were recognized for reaching the highest stages established by WWC Mexico giving an example of behavior changes measurement, sustainable culture generation and inclusion of families in their respective health promotion programs.

Also this year Ternium Mexico won the Special Mention for Corporate Strategy and Leadership together with Johnson & Johnson.

Angeles De Gyves, general director of CESyB, highlighted the importance of Ternium in the follow-up of a health prevention culture at workplace.  “It is an honor for me to congratulate Ternium team for the excellent work they do, as they are an example to follow,” she said.

While, Alfredo Bustani, human resources director at Ternium in Mexico, highlighted that such recognition talks about the commitment that the company has to continuously improve the life quality of all its employees and their families.

“Through the participation of these initiatives we seek to be near the communities where we have operations to achieve a healthy growth together,” said Bustani.

Meanwhile, Roberto Garcia, director of Comprehensive Services Nova, institutions that belongs to Ternium, talked about the granting about the importance that has for the company to receive this distinction again.  “Not only the fact of having recognition, but to receive it once more after audition the advance of our management in the health care of our workers,” he said.

“In Ternium we have a saying for our workers: ‘May your health be as strong as the steel we produce.’  And we have prepared for it to be so, also paying attention to the health of the family environment and mental health, that many times is left aside, and the correct attention is not given,” Garcia emphasized.



According to Daniel Novegil, CEO of Ternium, the mission of the company is to create action lines with its clients to thus improve competitiveness and productivity through an industrial and high efficiency technological base and a global commercial network.

And its vision of being the leading steel company in America, and for that it is committed with its clients’ development, at the forefront in industrial parameters and enjoys excellence in the human resources area.




·         Commitment with our customers’ development

·         Technical culture, industrial vocation and long term vision

·         Transparency in management

·         Professionalism, commitment and tenacity

·         Excellence and human resources development

·         Safety and work conditions care

·         Commitment with our communities

·         Environmental care



Ternium and its subsidiaries supply customers from different industries such the automotive, construction, metalmecanic, appliances, containers, energy and transportation, and they have productive centers in Argentina, Colombia, United States, Guatemala and Mexico.