Signing the constitution of the Tooling Cluster


In a ceremony carried at the Government School and Public Transformation of the ITESM, was held the signing of the constitutive act with which is officially created the Tooling Cluster, association that detaches from the Automotive Cluster Nuevo Leon and has as purpose to encourage competitiveness and growth of the tooling industry growth in the region, through the collaboration, linkage and synergies among the government, academy and companies.

This project, on its first stage received the support of CONACYT through the Innovation Fund (Prosoft-Innovation) and started in March 2017.  Currently it is working in creating the entire infrastructure to fulfill formation programs in a technical level as well as in engineering.

The Tooling Cluster will follow the model of triple axis integrated by the academy, government and private initiative, who will be working together to develop the Tooling industry in Mexico.

One of the main opportunity areas of the Tooling industry is the need of technicians and engineers that can provide maintenance, manufacturing, design, engineering and simulation, that is why the Cluster has strategic alliances with different institutions to create and form technical specialists in design.

In 2017, tooling imports exceeded the 2,300 million dollars in Mexico.  It is estimated that the national market only produces 175 million dollars in tooling; therefore 95 % of the tooling used in Mexico are imported.

The origin of the tooling being consumed in Mexico comes mainly from the United States, Canada, China, Korea and Japan.

Tooling is used mainly for automobiles production, home appliances, machinery, electric industry, aerospace and other activities that include processes as manufacturing, stamping, plastic injection, forge, founding, assembly, dies, molds, forge data, assembly, among others.