Successfully participated in Expo Manufactura 2018


SCHUNK Intec Mexico, leading company in fasten technologies, automation and robot accessories, participated for the first time as exhibitor in the Experience pavilion for Technology, Manufacture and Solutions (ETMS,) with a space of 135 square meters, in Expo Manufactura 2018 in Monterrey.

This time, SCHUNK showed attendees its main products, as hydraulic tool stand, lathe chucks, chuck clamps, stationary clamping systems, automation components and robot accessories.

As novelty, the German group company, presented at the Expo Manufactura 2018 and for first time in Latin America, a collaborative robot brand FANUC, integrated by the company Target Robotics and equipped with the new gripper Co-Act EGP-C from SCHUNK, which is also collaborative and has a safety sensor to stop in case operators get too close. 

“We have an ABB robot fitted with our magnetic gripper EGM.  We also are presenting a deburring cell which has a quick change system VERO-S, a module of SRU plus activity, a PGN plus gripper, a FDB deburring and toolchanger SWS,” said Edna Lavin from Marketing.

SCHUNK, has position as leader in its market, has more than 70 years of experience worldwide and, in case of SCHUNK Intec Mexico, also serves Latin America, except Brazil, where they also have a subsidiary.

“In a general manner, we have had a favorable growth, the brand has been present in Mexico for more than 15 years; however, the direct subsidiary from the parent company in Germany was established 12 years ago,” he explained.

Lavin said that currently, SCHUNK Intec Mexico has a property land of one hectare in Queretaro, where 2000 m2 are addressed for its Technological Center and they anticipate to be operating within two years.

“The idea is to have 120 parking spaces and we could have production plant of some of our products in a long term,” he underlined.

In addition of its facilities in Queretaro, SCHUNK has technical support people throughout the Mexican Republic, together with customers in Argentina, Costa Rica and Colombia, mainly.

Among the main sectors in which SCHUNK is present, highlight the automotive sector, aerospace, electronics and micromachining.



For this year, SCHUNK Intec Mexico is planning to increase its workforce, also they have done some remodeling to their current offices and they will continue with the construction of its new building.

“Regarding sales, we have the goal of growing 30 % above the last’s year objective.  We are making an alliance with robots manufacturers and integrators, seeking the way of increasing the approach of our automation line,” he noted.

Finally, Lavin highlighted cost reduction as SCHUNK’s main strength, since he considered that although it costs are not the lowest in the market, their products’ quality, precision and high performance is much greater.

“SCHUNK is the only one offering a comprehensive solution to the user with synergy between clamping technologies and automation components.  Another benefit we offer is that we have service and immediate technical support, since we have a team of specialists.  Likely, we provide maintenance and repairmen, despite where they bought their SCHUNK products, talking globally,” he ended.