Requirements from NOM – 018 – STPS update


Continuing with its efforts to train the personnel from the entity’s maquila sector, Index Nuevo Leon lectured the course “Requirements from NOM – 018 – STPS,” through which they established the requirements to dispose in the Labor Centers of the Harmonized System of Identification and Communication of Hazards and Risks from Hazardous Chemical Substances, aiming to prevent damages to workers and personnel acting in case of emergency.

“We are talking about the new implementation of the Norm 18 on its 2015 version, which is about this harmonized system of communication and hazards identification.  The central points are to leave behind what is the security rhombus and substitute it with pictograms.  Companies can migrate through this system, having their listing updated and with their safety sheets based in the new criteria established by the norm, meaning training, signage and labeled,” said that Brenda Aleman Lara, director of Sustainable Engineering and Environment projects.

The expert said that companies using chemical substances must be focused on receiving from its suppliers the safety data sheets with the new criteria, since as users they must seek and apply the new guidelines established by the law.

“The validity initiates as for October 9th 2018, there we will see which will be the dynamic established by the Ministry of Labor regarding potential reviews to what companies are, probably there will be economic fees that will be defined on the way; for now, companies are in the period of implementing, there is still time of being updated in order for them to be on time and correctly,” she assured.

Finally, German Lara recommended the companies of the sector getting to work since before, as although she mentioned that there are still several months and it is a simple transaction, processes must be done in advance.

“They must have their safety data sheets and train workers in these new guidelines.  What has to be done is to work in these specific areas mentioned by the norm because it can be complicated.  It is something simple but work and dedication is required inside the organization,” she ended.