The company, dedicated to the manufacturing of cold drawn piping employs more than 250 people

The company, dedicated to the manufacturing of cold drawn piping employs more than 250 people

The municipality of Pesqueria continues adding companies to its territory, and example of that is the settling of Prosankin manufacturer of cold drawn piping and derived components.


The investment for the construction of the plant of 33,000 square meters was of 30 million dollars, said Fernando Garza, commercial manager of Prosakin and Sergio Faudoa, general director, who explained that currently there are more than 250 people working, but they added that there will be more job vacancies as the company growth advances.


The commercial manager of Prosankin, Fernando Garza, explained that the decision of being installed in Nuevo Leon was made due to its geographic location, which will help the company to cover its customers’ demands from the northern part of the country and the south of the United States.


And regarding the decision of locating the plant in the municipality of Pesqueria, Garza said that this was due to from that city exist quick access to the Nuevo Laredo highway and to the Periferico that goes to Mexico City, in addition that the Mariano Escobedo International Airport is only few minutes away.


Among the Prosanik companies which are steel suppliers are Prolamsa and JFE, Garza assured, who explained that they also collaborate with other companies that fulfill the specifications they are seeking and that are IATF certified.



Aimed to increase their value in the automotive sector, the Mexican company Prolamsa and the Japanese companies Sanking Corporation and JFE Shoji Trade decided to create Prosankin.


The three companies have great experience in the Industry, as while Prolamsa, which was founded in 1954 is recognized as the most modern plant in Latin America in the manufacturing of profiles, pipes and Steel components, Sankin Corporation has more than 70 years manufacturing cold drawn piping and JFE is one of the largest Japanese steel companies in the world and its production has been recognized, since it starts from the obtaining of the mineral and finishes until the last raw material is transformed in rolls and tubes for the automotive, food and construction.





The products Prosanking offers are manufactured under a high quality standard and based in the specifications of each of its customers.  “We manage a wide range depending of the tube they need, we can manufacture from 10 millimeters of external diameter to 95 and we manage up to 11 millimeters thick, this depends on customer’s request, we manufacture tube with a seam or without it, and in addition we have different thermic treatments in the finish,” said Sergio Faudoa, general director.


On the other hand, the directive explained that although its services could be requested from the United States, the idea of being installed in Nuevo Leon raised mainly to supply the industrial sector in Mexico.  However, he explained that one of the short term challenges of the company is to export to Canada, Central America and South America.



The director of Prosankin, Sergio Faudoa detailed that the company is concerned about the environmental care and improving its employees' quality life.  In addition, currently they have the ISO 9001 certification and by the end of this year they will obtain the IATF certification.


“As being part of the Prolamsa group, we would like in a nearby future to obtain the recognition as Socially Responsible Company, Clean Industry and Great Place to Work and thus consolidate as one of the best companies to work in Mexico,” said he director of the company, who added the company has culture of supporting the community.


“We want to be the best option of the industrial sector to continue generating job vacancies and opportunities for employees to develop their skills.  All our objectives or goals are always based in the company’s values, which are customer service, teamwork and responsibility,” said Sergio Faudoa.



In the last years, the municipality of Pesqueria has achieved a great growth and an example of that is that last year it received the largest investment of world-class companies Nuevo Leon has have.


According to the secretary of Economic Development and Industrial Promotion of Pesqueria, Francisco Lucio Lopez Garza, in 2017 four projects were developed which in total added 1,769 million dollars; only Ternium invested 1,140 million dollars in the construction of its new plant, which will be operating until the second semester of 2020.


Recently, the municipality entered to the metropolitan area of Nuevo Leon, therefore today they have the commitment of improving their quality life, the municipal official underlined, who added that the economic development of Pesqueria has grown quickly and with that, job sources have increased.


“The State Government and confidence of the companies to settle in the municipality have helped to the progress of Pesqueria.  The population has grown, as from the 25,000 inhabitants it had in 2010 last year were registered more than 100,000,” said Lopez Garza.


He highlighted that thanks to the privileged geographic position and to that most part of the territory of the Mariano Escobedo International Airport belongs to the municipality; factories have the opportunity of develop better.


He anticipated that the mayor Miguel Angel Lozano is working to attract more investment to the municipality and assured that the growth in the area will continue this 2018, as currently two Industrial Parks are under construction: Asia Pacific Park and Cardinal Park.


On the other hand, regarding the technical level education issue, the mayor said that the municipality is strengthening, as recently a CONALEP was open, the Ternium school and a polytechnic high school from the UDEM will be established here next school cycle.