Within the framework of the forum “Mexico a better future, Public Agenda from the Private Sector,” the Business Coordinating Council, CAINTRA Nuevo Leon, CANACO, CONCAMIN and COPARMEX mentioned that it is necessary to increase the investment of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP,) to reach levels of 25 percent and generate 1.2 million jobs.

The president of the Business Coordinating Council, Juan Pablo Castanon said that such investment increase should be promoted by a decrease of 4 % in the current expenditure from the Mexican Government.

“We have to remember that the public investment is an engine that involves the private investment and enhances it.  We need to go from a 21 % to a 25 % in investment,” he explained.

According to Castanon, 21 % of the GDP currently invested comes a 19 % from the Private Initiative and 2 % from the Mexican Government.

“We need to promote expending less in current expenditure, and more thus we can reach a growth of 4 %.  We need to invest in infrastructure, connectivity and logistics to incorporate the south and southeast to the development of the rest of the country,” he added.

Such reduction of the expenditure in a 4 % to dedicate to investment is only one of the “columns” that integrate the Private Initiative agenda, which was presented by the private sector’s leaders in Mexico at the United States Lounge in Cintermex.


PI Agenda

At the event, the CAINTRA Nuevo Leon president, Juan Ignacio Garza highlighted the importance of creating an agenda in which participate the different productive and regional sectors to deliver the message to all the authorities.

While Juan Pablo Castanon, president of the Business Coordinating Council, assured that teamwork is important of all the organisms in order to enrich the document and have a shared agenda.

The directive said that the proposed agenda will be discussed in the following months with academics and intellectuals, as well as with the thinking bodies from political parties, with businessmen and the society in general; in order to know what they consider will be the challenges and points that must be addressed.

“We seek a free nation, democratic and open to the world, where the rule of law is the base together with law compliance, as well as the respect for public, social and private property,” said Castanon.

Likewise, he explained that Mexico must be a country that through its institutions and taxes generates security, inclusive justice, health, education, decent pensions for elderly adults and better connectivity.

And added that with a competitive economy open to the world, a better development can be achieved.

While, the CAINTRA president, Juan Ignacio Garza, also supported the idea of an open economy, stable and inclusive.  “We considered as fundamental to achieve the economic development and social balance the nation needs.  Our country has achieved important advances in the last decades, which we should seek to prevail,” he said.


Discussion process

It is important to firs seek discussing the agenda which must be enriched with the participation of academics and specialists, and 20 discussion forums will be fulfilled regionally to enrich the proposal.


Mexico opens its way

According to Juan Ignacio Garza, the expectations for the business sector during 2017 was exceeded in production, sales, employment and investments; however, the uncertainty generated from the NAFTA renegotiation, natural disasters and the new political schemes have restrained the real potential of the agricultural, industrial commercial and of services sectors.

“On the other hand, the structural reforms that have begun to be implemented had advanced towards competitive energy markets, new financing schemes, more Access to information technologies and a better competition in different sectors,” Garza ended.