Prism Plastics opens new plant in Nuevo Leon

Prism Plastics, company dedicated to produce plastic pieces for the automotive industry, opened last January 31st its new facilities located at the El Sabinal Industrial Park, in Apodaca, Nuevo Leon.

Prism Plastics is a company that began operations in 2000, founded in the United States has four operations in such country and this is the first plant that they open in Mexico, starting operations since October 2018.

The new factory has 15 thousand square feet of extension and has options to expand in case it is needed.  The construction has a production area, warehouses and tooling.

“Prism is dedicated to produce high precision plastic precision for the automotive industry for components in belts as well as in electronic sensors, machine or vehicle fuel compartments and what we are bringing to Mexico are components for strategic customers settled in the country,” said Miguel Angel Sanchez, president of Prism Plastics.

The factory has four production machines and soon it will have six more; those are electric machines in which up to 400 tons of high quality engineering materials are produced.

The production is mainly focused on national customers, as the sister plants in the United States are focused on northern border customers, although some of the pieces manufactured in Mexico could be exported.

“Regarding our customers I can say that it is about TIER 1 companies, main suppliers of the big assemblers such as GM, Ford, Honda or BMW, these are our main customers,” he said.

Prism has 10 employees when opening its operations and will expand its workforce to 25 people in the upcoming months.

“Basically we began working in October with some of the increase in volumes for the series of existing demand.  This 2019 we would like to have 90 % of capability in the machines we have and bring more machines for the third or fourth trimester of the month,” added the directive.

Sanchez explained that the plant is processing about one million pieces per month, the idea is to expand and grow 100 % every year, transferring the knowledge to the employees, as the items they produce are critical and require experience.

On her side, Judith Marquez, operation manager highlighted the advantages Nuevo Leon has regarding qualified workforce and its approach towards plastic injection, determining factor to settle in the entity.

“Universities teach subjects about this as a specialty and we also have the border close, which is very important for the import and export of our products,” she added.

Finally, Ramon Cardona, Operations manager of the plant, noted that Prism is part of Grupo Marmon, which has other companies; therefore they have plans to open other plants in Mexico due geopolitical and financial matters.

“It makes sense to open operations in Mexico, being close the United States and with the NAFTA subject which is similar, the idea is that one, depending on how the vehicles market continues to grow in Mexico we will expand into another plant, but we will see,” he ended.

Prism Plastics has IATF certification previously known as QS9000.