The company Preh opened its production plant in Kalos Industrial Park, located in the municipality of Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon.  The German company addressed an investment of 7.2 million euros for the new facilities with an extension of 12 thousand square meters with a potential expansion of up to 20 percent.


“It was a project planned four years and a half ago from the growth need to be able to receive more products from our customers.  At the previous building we had 7,800 square meters for the production area, which limited a little the attraction of more products,” explained Ivonne Rodriguez, director of the preproduction plant of Preh Mexico.


The new preproduction plant has 32 injection plastic machines, another one is on its way; it has three painting lines and seven laser equipment working in 24 hours shifts from Monday to Saturday.


“The construction of the new facilities began the last week of October 2017, it lasted six months and the transfer of equipment started on March last year; moving finished on August.  A 10 % increased of employees resulted from the expansion, as we have people that has been here since the beginning of Preh,” said the director of preproduction.


In addition, he anticipated that they already have a plan of new projects defined for 2019 with their customers Ford, General Motors, Volkswagen and BMW.  It is worth mentioning that last year the German company closed sales of 170 million dollars in products.


“It is very important for us to continue having the confidence of investors, we are a very important employment source in Guadalupe area and it is important to continue working on that,” assured Rodriguez.



Preh exports worldwide since its products are sent to Germany, Russia, Rumania and Portugal in Europe:  the Asian continent to China; to South Africa; in America from Canada to some parts of Brazil, passing through the United States and Mexico.  Therefore, since 2003 Preh settled offices in the United States to make its brand present and attract new costumers.


It is important to mention that since 1919, Preh started operations in Germany in charge of Jakob Preh.  And since then the company is dedicated to the manufacturing of automotive pieces, specialized in air conditioning control panels, audio, navigation and electronic cards, being number one supplier in air conditioning controls in North America since last year.


Meanwhile, Michael Voll, general director of Preh, said that the expansion of the facilities will facilitate shareholders, suppliers, customers, company employees and the society of the state of Nuevo Leon; however, he underlined the citizens of Guadalupe.


Likewise, he thanked partners and investors of Preh for trusting the project, as well as to the Government of the State, the sub delegate of PROFEPA, and the director of firefighters of Guadalupe, Civil Protection, customers, guests and Mr. Fritz Eisele, honorary consul of Germany in Monterrey.


“The mission is to make the best air conditioning controls and automotive control systems, satisfying customers and shareholders; always taking into account employees for reach goals.  While the vision to be in little time number one in controls sale, which despite being number one in America, we want to be it around the world,” added Voll.


While in his speech, Mr. Fritz Eisele, honorary consul of Germany in Monterrey, underlined that the German Chamber which currently has 900 members and is proud of having Preh as a company member of the Chamber and Michael Voll as main direct contact.


“The German Embassy in Mexico City, as well as the Consulate and the German Chamber are looking at their role today as a mirror instead of a light required to bright upon them.  We always try to operate to promote relations and business between both countries; thus they can be sure that the Consulate is a solid and loyal ally to encourage business talks between Mexico and Germany,” said the consul.


Hector Tijerina, director of Investment of Nuevo Leon, welcomed the executives that visited the State and thanked Preh the confidence the company has with the entity.


“In representation of the Government of Nuevo Leon I express our happiness because Preh continue to choose the State to fulfill this investment for the expansion of its facilities.  I believe Michael Voll has made an excellent work for years in Nuevo Leon, we hope there are many more years of success.  I believe Preh and the other 83 German companies are a distinction of the entity being an attractive destination for investment,” he noted.



Recently, the company was recognized with the certification Q1, award granted by Ford Motor Company to its suppliers by fulfilling different points that credit the quality of the product worldwide for all the companies from the automotive sector; while the company Volkswagen manages standards “a, b and c” where currently Preh is positioned in “b” and BMW fulfills audits every month to monitor production lines.


On the other side, it is important to underline the first Preh council meeting was held at the new facilities of Preh a day after its opening.


For the partners of the  company expansions in Nuevo Leon have been faster than expected, as well as the business in general grew more than anticipated for North America.  Currently, there are 7 thousand employees working and it is expected a massive growth for 2019, compared with the close of 1.3 billion euros globally billed in 2018.